Elective Subject Advanced Java/.NET Framework/Artificial Intelligence

I have to select elective subjects for next sem (6th Btech(it))
I am good at programmming, I am looking forward to AJAVA but I want to know your views.
What are the pros/cons of both?

Advance Java Syllabus
1.JFC and Java Networking
2. Overview of J2EE
3. JDBC SQL Programming
4. Web programming
5. Enterprise application development
6. XML processing using Java
7. JNDI, RMI and Java Mail API
8. Web Services
9. Java Security
10. J2EE design pattern and framework
12. Related J2EE technologies
.NET Framework Syllabus
Introduction to .NET Framework
C# - The Basics, Console Applications in C#
Windows Forms and Controls in detail
Visual Inheritance in C#.NET
Mastering Windows Forms
Themes and Master Pages
Managing State
Creating and Consuming Web Services
Advanced in .NET
Artifical Intelligence

Not considering it .


I've learned Core Java,C,C++ till now.
If I choose .net and then do AJAVA myself will I able to do it ??
Vice versa ?


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I took AI in my final semester elective :)

If you like Java more choose Adv. Java, otherwise go for C#.

But, let me tell you Java and C# are almost identical. So better learn Adv. Java now, as others said, you can learn C# yourself if you know Java.


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^^ Suffering now, when it comes to write some complex algo for critical tasks. But somehow managed it and succeed so far.


I liked DAA Design and Analysis of Algorithms in this SEM.
Should I consider AI ?
one my teacher told its too theoretical...is it so ??
what will be teached in AI (in my college ) ?
1. Introduction to AI
2. Problems, Problems Space and Search, Heuristic Techniques
3. Logic in Artificial Intelligence
4. PROLOG as a programming language
5. Knowledge Representation Issues
6. Representing Knowledge using Rules
7. Symbolic Reasoning Under Uncertainty
8. Statistical Reasoning
9. Weak Slot-And-Filler Structure
10. Game Playing and Planning
11. NLP
12. Connectionist Models
13. Expert Systems

What Concepts will I learn?
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