1. yomanabhi

    Need best JAVA Apps....

    Hey Guys I need some good Java apps for my Lg gs290 cookie fresh. If it free then it will be best if not then i will see to buy or not.;-) & touch supported will be better but non touch apps will also work. I need these apps: 1) An Mp4, Mp3 player which also show lyrics. As my default player is...
  2. B

    Advance java & Ethical hacking

    I am planning to do course in advance java & ethical hacking in hyderabad can you suggest me some good institute?
  3. T

    Dual Sim Phone -5k

    Hi Guys can you suggest dual sim phone for a budget of 5k. My requirements are Should be able to run java applications. Good Sound clarity. Either touch screen or qwerty keypad. Good battery backup. 3G. PS : For my apps needs I will be using IPOD . The phone which I am planning...
  4. pra85

    a dynamic return

    first off all let me tell you that i am newbie to java script(in a sense that i have not studied it at all but i want to use it in my website) the thing i want is that for eg i have a Product Page which tells that it is available at say A's website, B's website and C's website . Now i want...
  5. S

    connection of java with oracle 8

    hi guys.... I have devloped a gui interface by java, and want to connect the same with oracle 8. Any simplest way to perform the same thanks in advance....:-?
  6. C

    Java institutes in bangalore

    Hi, My name is Chitrapal.I completed my B.Tech. in 2010 but I haven't got job yet. So now I am looking for some training in Java. I went to NIIT to know about diploma in java course. For this course they charge 29000/-Rs. In that they are covering Core Java, EJB and Oracle 9i(which...
  7. A

    UC Browser 7.6 Officially Release-Bring Full Mobile Life to you

    After another 3 months, UCBrowser7.6 Official Version finally comes to the world. Compare to previous versions, UC focus more on speed and page rendering, in order to bring users multiple choice when they feel frustrate by using Opera Mini. With all the new features, UC Browser is going to bring...
  8. D

    java programming for 10 th std icse

    dear friends i want to learn java programming for 10th std icse, first of all let me know what software i have to install in my pc for typing, compiling prg . and what is the best site which can help me to learn this language thank u

    Help choosing platform for web application

    hai, im plannin to study how to create web application im completly new at creating a web app,so i was wondering which language should i go for.. java php or .net which is easy to learn and have best database managmnt thnks in advnc
  10. T

    Java Tutorial 1: Read a pdf file in Java using iText library

    Hi, This is a basic tutorial in java, that shows how to read a pdf file. For this we use a library called iText . Using iText library, we can perform various pdf operations that it supports. In this section , we are dealing with calculating the no. of pages & extracting the contents of each...
  11. S

    Firewall : which language to use ?

    I would like to do Firewall(the one like COMODO) as my final year project. The thing is i have read that it is not possible using C#. Is that so ? I cant use Java too ? How about Visual C++ ? Any other suitable languages ?
  12. V

    Language confusion ...

    Hi guys !!! I want to immerse myself into coding and all related stuff ... The problem is I can`t decide where to start from and which language to choose ??? I had learnt Java in 10th(ICSE) .. I had done a project on railways .. I am pretty good at OOPS concepts (AFAIK) ... But...
  13. iinfi

    Oracle: Google 'directly copied' our Java code

    Oracle: Google 'directly copied' our Java code - Computerworld
  14. S

    Help:Java program for processor performance

    Hey guys I am Trying to develop a program which tests Overall performance of processor using Java. I am not that good with Java. Even if you suggest Classes to be used I will do the other home Work...............
  15. rohanz

    android under 15k

    Hey I lst my phone so i need a new phone preferrably an android which haz the following things under 15k touch screen big apps market java plz help gps and wifi are optional
  16. Adhip007

    Good Training Institutes for SCJP(J2SE/J2EE) in Bangalore

    Could you suggest good training institutes for JAVA, also provides SUN certifications in Java in bangalore? Thanks Adhip
  17. P

    Call recorder for java

    I have a sony ericsson k550 i need a call recorder software... since it supports only java applications i want a java call recorder app. It don't like the inbuilt call recorder because it keeps beeping every 20 seconds.. can anyone please help ?
  18. S

    samsung corby pro

    i am having samsung corby pro it is a java mobile when i install any jar file in it like operamini or any game at bottom on the screen one onscreen panel appear which contain some button it decrees the display of all apps so is there any java coding or any trick through which i can disable it...
  19. B

    Having problems with my pc

    i got these error codes Mini072910-01.dmp 7/29/2010 6:31:25 AM NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM 0x00000024 0x001902fe 0xb95e26a0 0xb95e239c 0x8054513f Ntfs.sys Ntfs.sys+6bb NT File System Driver Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Microsoft Corporation 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111) 32-bit...
  20. phuchungbhutia

    Wtb: dual sim edge java phone under 4k

    Please suggest a dual sim mobile phone which has gprs edge - dont think 3g is available in dual sim at such price . It has to be java phone as i would like to install few apps like ucweb. Most imp is it should cost under 4k inr. I would prefer slim and smaller form factor since i want it as...
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