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  1. ©mß

    Custom Duty related query.

    I will be ordering a yoyo from a store in Japan. The total price is $17.99. So, do I have to pay custom duty and if yes how much? I checked in a site under Toys category it was around Rs250. Is it right? If not correct me. Second, as the total is $17.99 and if I pay through debit card will...
  2. S

    Friend travelling to Japan : International Roming / Any other option ??

    Hi All, My friend is traveling to Japan. The assignment is for more that one year and it looks like it will take more than 2 months to get a mobile connection there. So the question is, till she gets a new connection there, what are the possible ways for communication to India ? She...
  3. A

    Mobile charger question

    My galaxy note 2 charger details are as follows: 150 - 300 volts 0.35 A, 5V = 2.0 A. As you can see this charger is good for working in India but cannot be used in Japan or USA where the power supply is around 100 Volts. Now my question is that I have another charger of galaxy fit...
  4. H

    Japan and Russia want to finally end World War II, agree it is 'abnormal' not to

    Japan and Russia want to finally end World War II, agree it is 'abnormal' not to - CSMonitor.com
  5. P

    Hike gets $7 mln investment boost; to take on WhatsApp in India, Japan

    Bharthi And SoftBank invests $7 million on Hike app...to take on whatsapp. Source : Hike gets $7 mln investment boost; to take on WhatsApp in India, Japan - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News
  6. N

    USA vs Taiwan vs Japan in Semiconductor Technology

    Hello friends, who do you think is ahead in terms semiconductor technology? USA or Taiwan or Japan 1. R&D 2. Innovation 3. Breakthrough and Inventions 4. Future prospects etc. in terms of advancements in semiconductor industry.
  7. H

    SCEA and SCEJ have been dissolved today. (Not joking)

    The Japanese release Google Translated version They are being replaced by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia.
  8. H

    Would there be much of a market in India for JRPGs/Anime/Manga etc.?

    Due to the general lack of means to get them in India I'm considering starting a business dedicated to the import and sale Anime, Manga, JRPGs and other merch. I wonder if any of you would be interested in buying such products, or know anyone who would be interested in doing so. What titles...
  9. A_ashish_A

    Online dilemma

    I ve got soul caliber V ...but I m unable to play it online globally. Menu shows for regions that are north and south america, europe, asia and japan...but I'm only able to join japan...whereas other regions fail to connect..even asia :( so can anyone tell me what's the problem according to...
  10. Vyom

    Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake

    Source: BBC News - Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake and Earthquake in northeast Japan raises 13-foot tsunami - Express India Magnitude of earthquake was around 8.9 !!! News is showing live video feed of Waves sweeping away, heaps of debris being carried out in the farms...
  11. Nemes!s

    any QuakeLive players ?

    Hi guys.......... :-o I wanted to touch base Indian Quake Live players, Please mention ur name and profile name. And also any suggestion to get India server ? My ping sucks on Japan and UK servers :machinegun:, but I prefer Maidenhead server.:thumbs: My intro Name : Yogesh Profile ...
  12. soumya

    Linus Torvalds gives Windows 7 a big thumbs up

    You know Microsoft, when you setup a big Windows 7 booth across the street from the Japan Linux Symposium you're just asking for trouble. engadget
  13. NucleusKore

    Japan rethinks silent hybrid cars

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8132548.stm Japan is considering the introduction of noise-making devices for near-silent hybrid cars following safety fears from vision-impaired pedestrians. "Vision-impaired people feel that hybrid vehicles are dangerous", a transport...
  14. M

    World’s Fastest Broadband at $20 Per Home

    World’s Fastest Broadband at $20 Per Home If you get excited about the prospect of really, really fast broadband Internet service, here’s a statistic that will make heart race. Or your blood boil. Or both. Pretty much the fastest consumer broadband in the world is the 160-megabit-per-second...
  15. eggman

    Nine vie for foreign language Oscar.... No TZP sadly

    more here: http://www.variety.com/awardcentral_article/VR1117998446.html?nav=news&categoryid=1982&cs=1&nid=3078 To bad TZP did not make the cut
  16. The Conqueror

    Powerful earthquakes strike Asia

    Two powerful earthquakes have struck the north-eastern Indonesian Moluccas islands and Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, triggering tsunami alerts. The first, which had a magnitude of 6.6, occurred at 0902 (0002 GMT) about 120km (75 miles) north of the city of Ternate, the US Geological...
  17. Cyrus_the_virus

    Blu-ray Disc Rapidly Gaining Popularity in Japan

    Shipments of Blu-ray Disc-based video recorders and players are increasing fast in Japan as the market rallies around the format after the end of its battle with the defeated HD DVD format. Shipments of recorders and players based on Blu-ray Disc hit 122,000 in June marking the first time that...
  18. Ponmayilal

    Japan launches high speed internet satellite

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080223/tc_afp/japanasiaspaceinternet TOKYO (AFP) - Japan successfully launched Saturday an experimental satellite aimed at providing high-speed Internet access across Asia, even when terrestrial infrastructure goes down, the space agency said. The...
  19. T

    Panasonic Shows Long-Lived AA Battery

    Source Japan's Panasonic is introducing a double-A household battery that will keep gadgets running 20 percent longer than rivals do, so long that Guinness World Records has dubbed it the world's longest-lasting alkaline battery. The new Evolta - whose name is derived from ''evolution''...
  20. ArZuNeOs

    Japanese geeks turn old cellphones into new PCs !!!!

    Source : tech.co.uk Next time you throw an old cellphone away, spare a thought for the engineers at Hokuto System in Japan, who have recycled their old handsets to make fully functional computers. The result of their labors is a simple PC on a business-card-sized circuit board that they’ve...
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