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Mobile charger question


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My galaxy note 2 charger details are as follows:
150 - 300 volts 0.35 A, 5V = 2.0 A.

As you can see this charger is good for working in India but cannot be used in Japan or USA where the power supply is around 100 Volts.

Now my question is that I have another charger of galaxy fit mobile with the following specs.

100 - 240 volts 0.15 A, 5V = 0.7 A

Can I use this charger in Japan ? I don't mind if it charges slow its okay with me, but my main concerned that it may not damage the battery or mobile. (as I bought a new note 2 few days back)

Please advice.

Thanks !
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Broken In
Thanks for quick reply. Actually I am not taking my laptop along. Thus I may have to use a charger only. This charger's wire is fixed.
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