1. T

    Importing/Adding Folders to iPhone using iTunes

    How do I add Folders to iBooks library of iPhone in the latest iTunes? I am trying by going to File-->>Add Folder to Library in iTunes as well as iPhone library in iTunes but it does nothing after I select folder. I am really fed up with this... The folder contains word docs, pdf files.
  2. Renny

    [Want to Buy] Need an album from iTunes

    I don't have a credit card, so can anyone please purchase an album from iTunes for me? The album costs Rs.120/- PM me if willing to help! I'll forward the details thereafter.
  3. B

    podcast help

    hi guys i need some help submitting my videos as podcasts to itunes while linking it to my blog plz help
  4. giprabu

    Advice for a tablet around 20k...

    Hi .... Here are my requirements. # a 10" display size (atleast 8") # ppi above 160 # would be good if it is android. # should be powerful enough to handle high graphics games. / smooth web browsing/multimedia. Ok to go with Ipad mini but No gps, No dongle connectivity, No usb...
  5. S

    ITunes not showing TV Shows tab

    [SOLVED] ITunes not showing TV Shows tab I have iTunes My problem:- I want to download tv shows from iTunes.However, There is no TV Shows Tab in the interface.What to do??Screenshot attached. Shiva
  6. Anorion

    blitz brigade : tf2 style multiplayer fps

    free 2 play, out on play and itunes
  7. Empirial

    Unable to Edit Tags & Album Art

    Hi, I'm unable to edit tags & add album art using iTunes, JetAudio & Professional Tag Editor, even that Artwork tab in iTunes is missing. iTunes : (As you can see, those missing tabs are visible in other file.) Jet Audio : Professional Tag Editor:
  8. I

    Itunes and its payment method.

    Guys i am not able to buy any apps from apple app store. The problem is i don't have credit card and when i try buying using my debit card it fails. My debit card is of union bank. Please if anyone knows tell me how can i buy apps in iTunes. Please don't tell jailbreak. that's not a option for...
  9. dashing.sujay

    First experience of using an iPhone !!

    So I had iPhone 4s in my hands which belonged to an uncle of my friend. Had used his phone once before; Slick interface, nothing new to mention. The whole incident started when he asked me to send some songs to it. I already knew that iTunes was required for it. My friend had some software which...
  10. T

    Apple iTunes Store launched in India

    Music: Bollywood, Indian Pop, etc The price is in Indian Rupees [ Rs ] and starts at Rs 12 per song. The bit rate of the songs in the iTunes Store are 256Kbps AAC [ Advanced Audio Codec ] - Apple iTunes Songs purchase has a advantage of automatic sync between all iDevices from Apple. Movies...
  11. Darshan Singh

    iTunes Problem

    I purchased iPod Touch 4G 32 GB 3 months ago. Although I can easily transfer content to the device using iTunes but I can't connect to the iTunes Store. I have a BSNL 512 kbps broadband connection. When I click on the iTunes Store in iTunes, it keeps showing 'Accessing iTunes Store' but no...
  12. aaruni

    Cant erase CD-RW

    I cant seem to format my CD-RW. I burned it with iTunes and now it doesn't erase.
  13. Empirial

    iTunes Alternative for Ubuntu 11.10

    Hi, I need an App/Software for managing MP3 files in Ubuntu 11.10 64x. I need something that allows user to manually edit tags like Artist, Genere, Album Artist, Composer & also manually add/delete Album Art just like iTunes. Please Reply!
  14. Sarath

    Which CD ripping software to use?

    I want to rip songs from my audio CDs. I usually listen to 320kbps MP3 files which are usually around 10MB for a 3min song. I have never ripped songs before but I know both itunes and WMP can do the job, apart from the many others. However I am curious as to which one is good and can be...
  15. R

    Can't copy songs from itunes to ipod

    I have a new computer and installed itunes and music. However when I connect my ipod it shows up but I cannot transfer songs from itunes to it. What is the cause of the problem and possible solution? Thank you for any help!!!
  16. S

    Any replacement for itunes??

    i have an ipod nano. is there any software thru wichj i can transfer my content on and off my ipod coz itunes takes a lot of time??
  17. Y

    music visualization

    Hello, I need a 1280x1280 30fps video of music visualization for a 4 minute song. I tried using screen capture software to capture video of the iTunes visualizer, but at that high of resolution and 30fps, it just can't keep up. I don't necessarily need to use iTunes visualizer. If there is...
  18. N

    IPod Dead, Please Help

    Hi, My iPod Video 30 GB is dead suddenly. It's show the language selection menu, but the wheel won't work. I tried to reset it by holding the menu and select button, but nothing happened. I restored it to factory settings using iTunes but again same behavior. Please tell me what might be...
  19. Q

    How to transfer ipad 2 music to a computer easily?

    I had a pc notebook with all of my iTunes music downloaded to it. No I did not back it up. My hard drive fried yesterday. How can I upload the music from my ipad to the main computer? Also is there any way I can get my downloaded music from iTunes? Thanks...
  20. G

    Transfer my iPhone to new computer

    Hey,guys! I am confused about transfering iPhone to computer. What I need help with is transferring my iPhone backup (and whatever else is needed) over to the new computer. I get how to transfer my music: consolidate library then move the iTunes library over to the new computer and replace...
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