1. TechnoBOY

    Lenovo Yoga Book review: the unbearable lightness of computing

    Awkward. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of all of the 2-in-1 “convertible” laptops that have come to market in recent years, as PC makers try to adapt in a mobile-centric world and rejuvenate the market. A 13-inch or 15-inch laptop just doesn’t really work as a tablet. The...
  2. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #1 - Share your gameplay [Kung Fu Combat]

    It’s martial arts time! Kung Fu Combat, a free Android game to try out on your smartphone, is also part of the SKOAR! #DewArena contest. It’s first challenge is also ridiculously easy. All you have to do is hit us with your gameplay sequences from Kung Fu Combat and stand a chance to win cool...
  3. aal-ok

    How do I fix Router wi-fi problem?

    I recently changed my SSID and password due to fear of hacking, now I can connect to internet using Ethernet, but wi-fi is not working properly, it disconnects after every hour or so and i can reconnect only after switching it off for an hour(maybe, i haven’t tested it’s time duration.) i made...
  4. Cyberghost

    The Surge

    Lords of the Fallen studio Deck 13 is attempting to take the Dark Souls formula into the future. What if the modern trends ruling the world as we know it continued on their most negative possible path? That’s the question posed by The Surge, and it’s the answers that developer Deck 13 has...
  5. Alok

    Xcom 2

    And XCOM 2 officially announces :hyper: Developed by Firaxis Games, XCOM 2 transports players 20 years into the future, where humanity lost the war against the alien threat that has established a new world order. The secret paramilitary organization...
  6. Flash

    IIT-Madras ban on student body that criticised PM Modi is a national shame

    Someone sent an anonymous complaint to the HRD ministry accusing the Ambedkar Periyar Student Circle at IIT-Madras of spreading "hatred" against the Prime Minister. At issue is a pamphlet reproducing the speech of Dravidian university academic R Vivekananda Gopal on Dr. Ambedkar which accuses...
  7. Ironman

    NSA malware found hiding in hard drives for almost 20 years

    Bad news, geeks. Someone out there figured out how how to hide persistent, invisible espionage malware inside the firmware of your hard drives. Now it’s been discovered that they’ve been using it to spy on targets for nearly 20 years. This particular piece of malware is delivered via modified...
  8. $hadow

    Galaxy S6 and S6 edge announced at MWC

    Source: Samsung's new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge put design first | The Verge
  9. SaiyanGoku

    Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled, $35 for quad Cortex-A7 and Windows 10

    Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled, $35 for quad Cortex-A7 and Windows 10 - GSMArena Blog holy cow :shock: Perfect for basic tasks and use as a HTPC. :D
  10. Cyberghost

    Nvidia’s GTX970 has a rather serious memory allocation bug

    NVidia’s GTX 970 is the current price-to-performance darling, offering incredible visual for incredible value. It seems, however, that it’s harbouring a dark secret. It’s a 4GB card, but it looks like a significant chunk of that VRAM doesn’t work. According to a number of rather angry...
  11. G

    Evolution of the storage devices.

    One thing I’ve learned over the years about Flash drives is that the word crazy is just not crazy enough there. You’ll see the most insane of gadgets popping up every year and this year too, we have seen products which make you go whoaa! First in the list is definitely Kingston’s 1TB...
  12. Cyberghost

    Robots Cook Food Using Robohow.

    RoboEarth. No, it’s not a lame SNES game from 1994, it’s a cloud network that lets robots learn from the actions of other bots. It started over three years ago, and now, a new, related project has sprung from that initiative at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of...
  13. Anorion

    India has the world's most advanced pizza boxes

    A Pizza Geek Discovers the World's Smartest Pizza Box | Wired Design | the only other place to get them is Dubai update: official web site
  14. Vyom

    Avoiding the bull**** that companies tries to feed us: A good artice from digit

    Beyond the bull**** As a technology journalist, keeping up with this ever changing world can be quite a task. A new product is revealed, a software is updated, a startup is bought over, there’s something new every day, or every hour – it’s just mind boggling! Most of what I write about as...
  15. ZTR

    Here’s how the iPhone 5c is Apple’s cunning move to boost the iPhone 5s sales

    Here's how the iPhone 5c is Apple's cunning move to boost the iPhone 5s sales - GSMArena Blog I agree with him as the 5C is basically a 5 in a plastic body. And not any cheaper either
  16. soyab0007

    Why Sailfish is better as a modern OS? Here is a comparison

    Ahoy sailors! Ever since Sailfish is known to us as an operating system not an actual “fish”, there were a lot of demos on YouTube; many people were literally amazed by the work of Finnish, some went: “This’ll be a failure like MeeGo-Harmattan” Which in fact wasn’t a failure and you’ll only know...
  17. theserpent

    Far Cry 4

    Ubisoft will unveil far cry 4 soon Ubisoft promises Far Cry 4 details soon - Gameplanet Australia
  18. H

    Person sees in 3D for the first time on the Nintendo 3DS.

    Burning North : 124 Millimeters of Depth
  19. U

    Buying PC components from US

    I was just looking at the hardware price of some of the components and it’s seems that it’s way cheaper in US. Lowest prices on Asus Sabertooth 990FX at Pricewatch | Page 1 Just wanted to know…. 1) Is it normally cheaper in US 2) Is it advisable to buy in US and then carry it to...
  20. Desmond

    Google hints at Android Game Center

    Google leak hints at an Android game center with multiplayer, chat, lobbies, leaderboards, and achievements Source : Google Android Leak Hints at a Games Center with Multiplayer
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