1. MAK

    how 2 automatically lock after 1 min..

    Hi! I have a software called tweakui which automatically logins in my winxp account..... Now i want windows to automatically go to swithuser mode or lock mode after all the startup item have been loaded........ is there any s/w which can do this automatically?? any idea...
  2. U

    A guide on getting Penya and how to increase your shop views.

    There are four categories to getting Penya: fighting, raiding, selling and quests. Fighting: Probably the simplest way. Just fight monster and take what they drop. All monsters drop penya when they die, if they are at a level close to or higher than yours. And, if your lucky all monsters...
  3. A

    Is ebay trustworthy?

    I just came across a used Dell XPS 1530 on ebay which the seller has listed on sale for just Rs.11,000. It's about 10 months old. He has also posted pics of the same. He claims to be from Noida but is a new member with 0 feedback ratings. I just wanted to know, in case if I went ahead with...
  4. T

    Core 2 duo and mobo

    i have asus p5b-vm mobo (965 chipset) -almost 1 year warranty left = Rs.2750 + shipping (bought for 8,300) and core 2 duo 2.13GHz 1066 FSB mhz pocessor (E6400) almost 1 year waaranty left= Rs.3250 shipped (bought for 11,550) anyone interested may pm me. i will give u copy of the...
  5. hjpotter92

    HTML Troubles

    I have thepic of the file here which I am creating.... The extreme left menu is the list of the items. the top right is the item and bottom right is the description. Now, the trouble is that, I want it such that If I press any thing in MENU, then the description and item both should...
  6. D

    help...!!no webpage will open..

    yesterday after formatting my pc...i tried to connct to the internet using my nokia 6300 usb modem..and it connected perfectly..but no webpage will open..actually only opens but if i use it to search anything..the browser stops at waiting for sending request to...
  7. V

    Tally 9 Odbc Query

    Dear All, I am using Tally 9 release 2. I have a lot of stock items with each having a particluar ledger for default invoicing. E.g. Sales Vat 12.5% or Sales Vat 4%. The number of items runs into hundreds. Now I tried to import the stock item master details into MS Excel using ODBC to check...
  8. gopz

    SPDIF card (ASUS) for motherboards

    I have this item for sale, it has never been used.I had bought this when I had my desktop around 1 year ago. Its a card which is compatible with motherboards that have an SPDIF connector (on the motherboard). It is used for connecting speakers which have SPDIF inputs or Optical I think...
  9. pritish_kul2

    How do i buiy this item??

    Hey,I am planning to buy a snorkel and have found one but how do i buy it....meaning in which currency should i pay and how?? here is the item -...
  10. C

    Unused Phillips 5.1 speaker set

    I received this Phillips 5.1 speaker set as gift abt two weeks back. I'm selling since I already have a beautiful pair of Mordaunt-short 403's connected to my computer. I have the original box/packaging et al as I received the item. Mint. Opened to check the item only. No bill. Spec - 5.1...
  11. krates

    Mobile under 5k !!!

    I am looking to buy myself a mobile under 5k please suggest me a good one currently i have shortlisted this one This is a bid item that...
  12. anish_sha

    120 gb Ext.HDD , suggestions please

    Hi guys.. Im about to buy a 120 gb laptop HDD with a casing, since im in a remote place i cant get the goods for a better price here, so i went thru ebay and found these two Hard disk - link eBay India: 120 GB External Pocket Hard Drive 120GB 2.5" Only USB (item 310015802498 end time...
  13. T

    SATA hard drive 160 GB in DELHI for sale

    hi guys.. i need to upgrade space and am selling my hd sata 160 gb .. its two years old... no problem with hard disk ..presently using it.. item already sold before the post could show up in forum please close the thread
  14. T

    Graphic Card Mobo and processoer for sale.

    1. GeForce 5200 FX with TV Out 256 MB 1.5 Year old 2. Asus K8MV Mobo 1.5 Year Old 3. AMD Sempron 2500+ 1.5 Year Old I never sold anything in used computer peripherals so I cant quote a price but seeing other threads I am putting. Correct me where wrong :) Item 1: Rs. 800...
  15. arunks

    Guys what should i do??plz help me.. I need ur suggestion

    I sold an item on ..It is sold the same day I put it on The person who bought it is from chennai.. I mean according to his id on ebay india site and as i have been sent his address by ebay to ship the item.. But the person sent me a email saying that then he wrote his...
  16. arunks

    I m confused in a situation.. Please help me to get out of it

    I have sold a mobile phone with tv through But buyer is saying " Ask the courier man to deliver the product then i will give him the demand draft for the payment as i want to first check the item" Now how can i do this ? I m not a cheater.... how can i make him understand that he...
  17. C

    cd/dvd indexing

    I am in need for a good (preferebly free) CD & DVD indexing software, like we have digit archive. Its a pain:mad: to remember/search a particular item in a whole bunch of cds. anybody using/knows a good one ?
  18. rajat22

    Trialware reminder

    Running Windows XP SP2 updated version. Installed trial version of Regcure & it expired. After uninstalling I am being reminded at every startup to go for a full version. Threre is no startup item and all remains of the software traces were removed from the registry. Still the reminder is...
  19. P

    Survey : Online PC hardware store

    Hi Forumer, I am exploring option of opening up an online store with best price and best item of your interest. I know there are many site available at this point who offer online sale in India. I am looking for some valuable comment from digit members to position my store in a different...
  20. CadCrazy

    To Purchase $500 item But credit limit is 17000

    Dear All, i want to purchase an item costing $500 online. But credit linit for my credit card is Rs 17000. The website can accept payment through Pay Pal. Is there any way to purchase it i one go ( may be by some method in paypal) ???????????? And how much Rs $500 is equal to ????
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