Downloads stopping midway


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I am facing this issue with my downloads.
I had IDM installed on PC but it was not very much helpful.I uninstalled it and restarted my PC.
After restarting, I found when ever I try to download any video or songs, it downloads a bit and then says it has finished downloading but its only a few MBs and not full file.I tried it on another browser but the same issue persists.

Let me tell the issue started in Google Chrome and then I used Firefox and IE but nothing.
And it is Windows XP Service Pack 2 on PC.


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Use system restore to a date before IDM installed. If fails, install IDM or other download manager and check.


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may be the files are corrupted on the server itself or Op's HDD has bad sectors.

@ OP - this is happening with all downloads from different websites and for different files ? Check your HDD for bad sectors and also run a antivirus scan.
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