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Cryptolocker Ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs


the Warrior

A virulent form of ransomware has now infected about quarter of a million Windows computers, according to a report by security researchers.

Cryptolocker scrambles users' data and then demands a fee to unencrypt it alongside a countdown clock.

BBC News - Cryptolocker ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs'


Aspiring Novelist
another usual attack. nothing new at all. ;) why do people still install softwares from unknown sources? they just got paid for what they have done.


Cyborg Agent
but the culprits responsible can be tracked right?
ever heard of 'blackhats'... go google a bit

their biggest trick is that they are invisible

you can't become a whitehat(legal) unless you have blackhat(illeagal and unethical) experience

the stupids gets detected by security agencies cause they leave their track in everything, does not even clear masking info

well they say "biggest trick in a robbery isn't the robbery, but getting away untraced"


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blackhats/whitehats doesn't matter.it is a myth that you can be invisible on internet.it all depends on amount of efforts & resources & obviously no one is going to spend that much on tracking a bunch of hackers stealing/exhorting a few hundred thousands or even some millions from public but try breaking into a secure military server containing ICBM launch codes & no matter how much of a blackhat you are sitting in a remote cabin in uganda you will get caught.


Aspiring Novelist
well if you want to be trace free then you need someorder of physical presence.

Well this was reported back in 2011

nobody can hide from the world of internet. if one decide to catch him, then he will be caught. only the determination is important.


geez they must have made a fortune, i bet some people might have paid :facepalm: as they were careless enough to download at the first place
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