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Read only lock for Pendrive

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Hello pals,
i own a 8GB Transcend pendrive. I am happy with the product but the thing is... i am afraid to use it in other systems since i dont know whether those systems are infected or not. And there were situations when i carried my presentation in the pendrive and the moment i inserted in the computer to take lecture, the pendrive got infected and subsequently my system too got infected when i used the pendrive later on my personal system. (sadly, my antivirus failed to detect).
I remembered the read only lock which was there in older generation of pendrives. i dont know why such an useful feature is not available in current pendrives...?
So my query is... is there any software that does that read only lock facility in pendrives? If so... where can i download it? Help me please....


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Some Antivirus software can be loaded onto U3 pen drives. eg: http://www.avast.com/eng/avast-u3.html

The mechanical lock tends to fail, hence they have been removed from entry level drives.

One tip: Before plugging in your pen drive, depress the "shift" key. This prevents "auto run" on Windows Xp and hence some malware is prevented from spreading.

You might also like to use Comodo Firewall with defence+ activated for extra protection. Every executible will be stopped and you will be prompted for permission. So as long as you dont accidently allow malware to run, they will be blocked.:oops:


you can create autorun.inf file in the pen drive & make it hidden & read only. that might help ur pendrive getting infected from virus. I read it somewhere.
which model of pendrive do u have? my 2Gb Transcend V30 isn't tht much fast, though very decent one. Larger pen drives trend to be more faster i think.
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