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    [JAN-26] Happy 63rd Republic Day Indians

    [JAN-26] Happy 64rd Republic Day Indians
  2. Tobuscus

    No Gaming Servers In India!!!

    Hey,guys Don't you think it sucks that we don't have any gaming servers in India,even for the most popular games. I get kicked of servers every day, ( Kicked,Reason: Sorry,you have high ping).:-x Come on,If Singapore,a country the size of a golf course can have it's own servers,then why...
  3. rider

    3G Video Calls

    I want to know how many of us Indians do video calling, with 3G service.
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    Refusal to pay for apps/software

    thanx to our local computer shopwalas, the notion of software being free had been embedded in our minds.(cheap antivirus being the only exception) now i see people spending 25k -30k on the latest nokia, lg etc. phone and refusing to pay even 50 bucks for an app useful to them.They are...
  5. Sujeet

    90.6% Indians still dont have Computer/Laptop!!!

    The Census Data 2011 For Phase I is out And according To it 90% of Indians still dont have Computer/Laptop: Head to this link for complete Survey Report 2011-12 .Phase 1 Census of India : Houselisting and Housing Census Data Highlights - 2011 Source:Times Of India/
  6. varunparakh

    SteelSeries Holi Giveaway for Indians!

    OMG! Steel series are giving away plenty of gaming accessories and even a MSI G series laptop to Indians!! It is a HOLI GIVEAWAY!! Who wouldnt want this maan!! Steelseries, mouse, keyboard and headsets!! Click here to check it out
  7. Phantom Lancer

    Are We (Indians) Racists ?

    Though this issue never crops up when i have a talk with my Indian friends it almost always crops up in all my conversations with my friends abroad and leaves me very embarrassed . Our Fair and Lovely Adverts are a standing joke abroad ..... It gives everybody the idea that Indians hate to be...
  8. Faun

    Sorry, Indians not allowed

    :evil: lolwut? Throw some tamatar and eggs.
  9. S

    racist attacked on indians..

    recently thera are many racist attack are done on indian... are indians weakest target? is is because of their job are "banglored"? *
  10. M

    Amazing SPAM Message... LOL

    Amazing SPAM Message... LOL :D This message is being sent to more than 500+ people (Yeah! The e-mail Text contained tons of E-mail Addresses). For privacy reasons i have removed the e-mail addresses. Check this message now and see how Indians gets lure of money. Click to Enlarge and Auto...
  11. MetalheadGautham

    Netbooks hit all time low in prices

    Guys! you GOT to check these stuff out. ASUS EEE PC 904HA with 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM, 9" screen and Windows XP Home available for 353$ on * And some strange...
  12. Z

    Anyone Play VC-MP?

    Hello to Members... Does anyone play vcmp? can you share your experience Guys..... i see only few indians play vcmp:confused: if you dont know wat is vcmp..chk this link *
  13. Pearl Groupz

    Condom' ringtone a smash hit in India

    The condom capella (a capella is a vocal musical composition without instrumental support) could hardly excite Indians, felt many. More so when the word condom itself is taboo here. Yet, the song has been downloaded an astonishing 1.5 lakh times in the last 10 days. Till Thursday evening...
  14. nix

    slipshod india cuts sorry figure in olympics..

    source-* Amlan Chakraborty Beijing, Aug 8 (PTI) A slipshod India cut a sorry figure in the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony with the female members of the contingent making it a veritable go-as-you-like with...
  15. B

    best way to sell domain

    for people in India, what is the best way to sell a domain name, either to Indians or to worldwide
  16. T

    effect of american culture on indians..

    so like i took part in this debate thingy in my college. that beautiful booth babe told me that my topic will be about effect of american culture on indians. she asked me if i wanted to speak in favour of the american culture or against it.. i looked in her eyes and forgot to think, then...
  17. ajaybc

    Should this site be banned?????

    I was just browsing and saw this site.It was very funny but offending too for us indians. * What do you think should such sites be banned?
  18. arunks

    how dare THE AUSTRALIAN to write "Test furore was just lack of the draw"

    9th Jan column in newspaper THE AUSTRALIAN by Peter Lalor What rubbish....... That sounds little bit correct.... it was matter of only 8-9 minutes more to stay at crease...and 4 wickets were in hand in lasst 20 mins. Source: So who is real victim and who is really responsible... Guys...
  19. mailtorahul007

    Mera Bharat Mahaan............Jai Hind

    There are 3.22 Million Indians in America. 38% of Doctors in America are Indians. 12% of Scientists in America are Indians. 36% of NASA employees are Indians. 34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians. 28% of IBM employees are Indians. 17% of INTEL employees are Indians. 13% of XEROX...
  20. R

    help.. topic : what Indians do @ the internet ?

    I am writing one topic about what indians do over the internet . somewhere (not sure but may be in digit ) I saw some sim ilar writing about this, but I lost that one . Can anyone help ?
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