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  1. abhigeek

    [Group Buy] Rocket League 4 pack @ Rs176.75 per person.

    Rocket league is on sale at 40% discount. So pack of 4 is of Rs 707 i.e Rs 176.75 per person. Need 3 more people for group buy.
  2. F

    Buying a new monitor need help

    Hi Guys I am planning to buy LG E2260. I wan't to upgrade to Full HD. LG Electronics: Consumer Electronics & Appliances from L Usage : general i.e. surfing, development, watching videos etc. If you know about this monitor please guide me. Should I go ahead ?
  3. P

    Side panel window cabinet @4250 or less

    hey friends i have recently purchased a gtx 970 from zotac while running a few games (i.e witcher 3) i have noticed that the gpu runs at a high temp (i.e a constant 91 degrees celsius) to remedy this i have decided to buy a new case my budget is 4250 inr any reputed brand (corsair, cm...
  4. P

    3d desktop

    i have a pc with gigabyte M5 78L-M motherboard and inno3d 2gb ddr5 graphics carr. i want yo know is there any simple software which turns my pc viewing simply into anaglyph 3d i.e. every operation frm windows explorer to any application. my led is dell s2240 21.5 inch. please help me guys.
  5. rohitshakti2

    Need 22-24" monitor cum TV

    Hi friends I need a 22-24" monitor which also works as a TV such that if we insert a pen drive to play movies, there should not be the need to be it connected to the PC. I.e. it should be able to work independently and I should also be able to connect the dish tv connection to it. My primary...
  6. sahil1033

    Comed-k uget

    Anyone who gave COMED-K UGET 2012 (PCM) and has the question paper with him, please please scan and upload it here latest by 10 PM today i.e. May 10, 2013. It's kinda really urgent. Thank you.
  7. $hadow

    confusion guys suggestion needed.

    I am confused about two graphic card i.e. gt650m and amd 7730. Please help out with their gaming performance.
  8. ancientrites

    Guyz quick help i need to buy motherboard

    My asus mobo p5n32-e sli is laid to RIP. Although i use asus gaming laptop but i need mobo on stand by basis.Kindly advice me the cheapest mobo within 5000 inr.Any brand plz. i have intel core 2 quad 2.66 processor, 1gb ddr2 ram x 3 i.e 3sticks of 1 gb each nvidia geforce 240...
  9. P

    Just Overclocked my GT 650M...

    I am having dell inspiron 17R SE.... It has GT650M 2GB GDDR5 and intel core i7-3610 i overclocked my laptop GPU using MSI Afterburner and used Geeks3D FurMark v1.10.2 for testing temperature and 3DMark 11 Basic version for the improvements.... Actually I have few questions.... 1) How much do u...
  10. P

    Which is better for gaming an i5 with nvidia gt650m or i7 with raedon hd7730?

    My main purpose is gaming. I want to pla y upcoming gtaV bf3 etc high graphics 3d game. s smoothly whether it is on ultra medium or or low setting (not too low :) ) . My budget is 50k but can add 5k. From my above question you must got an idea of which laptop am I taking i.e. Samsung n550p5c...
  11. T

    Image resizing

    Any good free software out there to resize an image, i.e. change the resolution of an image? Please suggest.
  12. abhinav_bipnesh

    Suggestion for NAS

    Hi Guys, I was looking for NAS or similar storage device which can be accessed over cloud in secure way. The prime requirement for such a solution is to host a set of sites like redmine, review board i.e. a collaborative environment for a group which is distributed. The reason for looking NAS...
  13. clinton

    Windows XP doesnt detect internet!!!

    Hello guys I am facing a strange problem. I reinstalled Win Xp today,all went fine. I reinstalled all the drivers.After installing the ethernet drivers it detected my internet connection through the LAN cable(I am using a Wireless router with the cable connected to the PC).It show the Local...
  14. H

    HP Laptops

    The HP India website seems not updated with all the laptops in their profile. Can anyone provide the list of all HP laptops which are currently being sold by HP (i.e. which are not discontinued) and their prices?
  15. H

    Dell XPS 15 problem

    I have a Dell XPS 15 L502X.The problems I am facing are: 1) It restarts after hibernating i.e. when I press the hibernate button, the screen goes off and the laptop also turns off after a few seconds but immediately after 1 second it restarts and afterwards it shows Resuming Windows , so it...
  16. A

    Car audio system @ 5k

    I need a good car music system within 5k for my car i.e Hyundai i10.
  17. avichandana20000

    external HDD

    pls clear my doubts What is the difference between 1) self powered EXTERNAL HDD i.e. USB POWER 2) EXTERNAL HDD which require an external power from wall socket?
  18. D

    video player is not working..

    friends my video or flash player's are not working.whenever i go to install it an application error regarding the brosercome i.e first closed the application please guys help me out.......:cry:
  19. ztbryan

    Acer Aspire 5536 Mic problem

    Hi guys, i have an Acer Aspire 5536 running Win XP SP2. I can't seem to get the microphone, line in and stereo mix i.e. all the input sources are not working. Can anyone help me please ?
  20. P

    Voltas vs. OGeneral

    We have to buy an airconditioner (2.0 ton). The choices are OGeneral and Voltas (please comment). Please tell me which one is the best in all fields (i.e. filters, EER, etc) Expecting quick replies thank you in advance :)
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