Car audio system @ 5k


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If you aren't going for the bling brands like Pioneer, Sony, etc., try Xenos Players instead of the local ones. I've been using Xenos DVU150(has DVD/CD, USB, Aux In, ports) for more than 2 years now. I spent Rs.4,800 approx then. They later released some new models as well.

Points to note:
  • No bluetooth(though newer models might have 'em)
  • Service is a problem as they don't have enough people to cover places other than big cities. They do travel long distances to attend calls(in my case, 160 km), but takes some time and a couple of calls.
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Could you suggest something from either Sony or any other reputed brand? I have no experience about Xenos and as far as I know there is no shop here that sells this player.
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