1. C

    Laptop suiting my requirements for nominal gaming / video processing.

    Hi guys! First let me fill the questionnaire. So here it is.. 1) What is your budget? Up to INR 50,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen (UpTo or around 2.5kg) 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this...
  2. Cyberghost

    Civilization 5 Multiplayer.....

    I would like to try Civ 5 Multiplayer. Anyone please add me I'm free at 22:00 hrs today
  3. kg11sgbg

    Ran my PC for 58 hrs. at a stretch!!!

    I ran my Desktop-PC for nearly 58 hrs. at a stretch. Actually I was installing/updating openSUSE-13.1(x86_64) version,as I had selected the online repos. Speed of BSNL broadband was 60kB/s in average. Question is,will my PC be affected in any way? I mean will the hardware be damaged due...
  4. sandynator

    [For Sale] {IEM / Earphone} SoundMagic PL30 IEM for sale

    Guys, I'm planning to sell my recently bought SoundMagic PL30 as planning to upgrade soon. I've hardly used for 120 Hrs or max 150 hrs since its purchase. You can find the details below. Model number and details: SoundMagic PL30 Date of purchase: 22/05/2013 Reason for sale: Going to...
  5. B

    [Query] Edifier c2 plus speakers gone bust within 6 hrs of use

    Hi everyone, I bought edifier c2 plus (hcs 2330) from a shop at nehru place, delhi day before yesterday i.e. on 9th sept, but within 6 hrs of opening the pack , may be after 20 songs, they started sounding awfully bad with a croaked voice. Checked everything, changed inputs, audio source etc...
  6. sujoyp

    iball Slide 6318i does not power on

    Guys I am in big trouble..I bought this iball tab 6318i for a friend of mine....when I checked it in my home it was working fine...then I switched it off. now after handing over it to my friend its not powering up/starting ....he have been charging whole night...I have been changing for last 2...
  7. R

    Suggest laptop upto 70K

    Hello guys, the minimum configuration for laptop is as follow: Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7 Screen: 15.6 inch Resolution: 1920x1080 Battery life: 4 Hrs or more Graphics: Nvidia 1GB Other Priorities: Subwoofer, Curved keys design Thank you all in advance.

    Help selecting a BB plan

    Happy holi everyone, Frustrated by 3g experience hence going for Bsnl broadband (only thing avialable here) Please answer some doubts,(researched quite a bit) 1.what is the diffrence between BBG FN COMBO 500 and BBG FN COMBO 600 2.i wont be using the connection for calls even it is free it will...
  9. RCuber

    Looking for a Ergonomic Chair

    Budget is 5-6K , height adjustment required and good back support (full back) . I often sit more than 3-4 hrs at a stretch (when gaming) so please suggest accordingly. Please Suggest :)
  10. A

    suggest me best laptop

    hi 14-inch display with backlight Im looking a laptop in this below configuration Intel® Core™ i7-3612QM Processor (6MB cache, up to 3.1 GHz) HDD - 500gb DDR3 RAM - 4gb or more. DVD RW bluetooth and WIFI inbuilt with hotspot high qulaity webcam atleast 2 mp built in- mic, speaker(Dolby...
  11. D

    BSNL Penta Tablet not switching ON

    Dear Techies, I have bought new BSNL Penta IS 703c tablet from Ebay 3 days back. It was delivered in fully charged condition. After using it for more than 24 hrs, the battery totally drenches out, hence i plugged the charger to charge the tablet. After getting charger on for 4-6 hrs, the...
  12. Mehul Chauhan

    15k to 18k Camera advice.

    I want to buy Canon or Nikon camera for home use. Please tell me the best model, i m going to buy under 2 hrs!
  13. RCuber

    Whats Eating RCuber's Battery?

    Guys, I have a strange problem with my phone. its a Samsung Galaxy 3(Apollo), with Froyo. I changed my battery about 4 months ago. I hardly get 10 hrs on it. Today I checked how long my battery lasts. 1. Fully charged at 7 AM. 2. about 10 minutes of call. 3. 1 hr of music. 4. 20 minutes...
  14. esumitkumar

    Suggest cheap and best netbook

    Hi..I own Acer 5536 for 2 yrs but its getting heated and battery doesnt last much. My uses are following : 1. Web surfing 2. Movie watching 3. Skype video calls 4. Flash gaming sometime 5. Office work (MS Excel, Outlook) Could you please suggest cheapest netbook having 1. Good...
  15. RCuber

    Airtel FUP Limit Warning

    I am getting this from past 2 days.. I have selected "you can continue as per your selected plan" but still the message comes back after say 6 hrs. its really frustrating as this page comes up in middle of browsing... :-x
  16. kg11sgbg

    A query on Intex BLACK ARMOUR 725 UPS

    I have recently bought an INTEX UPS BLACK ARMOUR 725. Everything is functioning well and O.K. On the top of the UPS,at the rear position is an orange colored paper tag with the following information:--> No 1. instruction is followed by mostly all users,without any confusion...
  17. A

    Notebook with more battery backup

    Hi Sorry to come back, Is there any laptop which can 8 hrs power backup? which is economical? thanks Amit
  18. D

    wierd problem

    Hey guys im getting a really wierd problem my pc automatically shuts down after 15 sec from booting. or when it is in idle the wierd part is, if i open a game like san andreas or nfs it doesnt shut down even if i play fir 2 hrs Any idea ?? My config is pentium e2180 Ms 7525 mobo...
  19. tousif

    Nexus s ics 4.0.3 update issues

    hie frndz.... i hve a nexus s purchased back in august.... everything was going well before i got an official ics update.... in december i got ics update and thts the day the problem started. before the update i used to get up to 24 hrs of battery backup..but nw i just get max of 12 or 13...
  20. A

    defy charger problem ????

    hi guys, how much time does your defy take to charge from 20-30 % to full battery ? i'v noted it takes around 2-3 hrs with the charger i got with defy, however if i use my friend's charger ( samsung / lg / htc ) , defy takes anywher around one & half hrs for same.. is there some problem with...
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