Suggest cheap and best netbook


Call me Sumit
Hi..I own Acer 5536 for 2 yrs but its getting heated and battery doesnt last much. My uses are following :

1. Web surfing
2. Movie watching
3. Skype video calls
4. Flash gaming sometime
5. Office work (MS Excel, Outlook)

Could you please suggest cheapest netbook having

1. Good battery life (3-4 hrs)
2. Should not get heated even after 2-3 hrs of net usage/office work
3. Good speakers

Please advice



Call me Sumit
both are AMD CPU and are above 20K range..AMDs get hot very fast..pls suggest Intel ones..with max 15k price


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Heating issue in AMD is part of history now. Their C/E/A series runs cooler than Intel counterpart. I'll seriously suggest against going for Intel Atom. They are way too slow and struggle to run Windows 7 properly.

At 15k, this is the only laptop you can buy: Acer AOD 270


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then you should be fine. XP runs easily on Atom. But Windows 7 have problem. moreover manufacturers load the netbook with so much crapwares that even basic task starts taking minutes to finish.

And if you get Atom based netbook, do check that the processor is 2600/2800 and not the old N270 or such. Performance wise both are same but new one should offer more battery life.
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