1. Genius-jatt

    Why WD-500GB Take 4 Hours to Install Win-7 ?

    Why WD-500GB Take 4 Hours to Install Win-7 ? Dear friends actually few days back my WD-500GB Partitions crash and I was very shocked as it happen first time with me. So now when I recover my data + Partitions with: ( EaseUS Partition Master Free 9.3 ) and was successful getting 90% data +...
  2. N

    AC required (max 2-3 hours usage daily during hot season)

    Hello, I've gone through the forum and have read other posts as well, but couldn't find anything suitable, hence the new post. I figured out that I will require 1 ton split AC for usage of 2-3 hours max when hot (summer season), not very fond of getting used to AC, i doubt on using it in...
  3. lywyre

    New Headset in the range Rs. 400 - 500/- for PC

    Hi, I am looking for on the ear headset in the range of Rs. 400 to 500. Will be using for 2 to 3 hours voice conversations, so a good mic is necessary and should be comfortable when wearing for extended time (max 3 hours). Range: Rs. 400 - 500 Want: Clear mic, comfort (upto 3 hours)...
  4. C

    Switch to moto g or stay with XM?

    So here's the deal. I bought myself a Xperia m August last year (posting from it actually) and was pretty disappointed by the fact that internal memory was just 2gb. I couldn't get any of the larger games on it.. :-(.. Music quality was a great letdown too. Anyway, now that the moto g is...
  5. T

    Nexus(2012) 7 not turning on upon first time

    Received Nexus 7 2012 from flipkart today. Its on power since almost 3 hours but still not turning on when pressing power button. Not even battery is displayed which indicates device is charging. Very dim lines appear when power button is pressed which break and disappear within a second. Device...
  6. A

    Headphones for 3-5k

    Recently my old headphones, Sennheiser HD202 started having some issues (the left ear wire became a bit loose, so the sounds keeps getting cut off intermittently), so I am looking for a new pair to buy.Definitely want an upgrade from my these headphones. Would like closed back and...
  7. sling-shot

    Laptop purchase : Below 13 inch, less than 1.5 kg, less than 30000

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Less than 30,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Screen size: 11.6 to max 13. Prefer 11.6. 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? Prefer: Dell, ASUS 4) What are the primary tasks will...
  8. T

    How many hours do you spend on Computers daily? Are you Addicted?

    By computers I mean everything: Desktops,Laptops,Smartphone,PlayStation,X-Box. But not TV. I spend about 12-16 Hours on a daily basis doing nothing. If it harms you/stops you from doing work then you can call it an Addiction. I can confess that I am addicted to it.
  9. M

    Inverter for min. 4 hours backup

    I am looking to install an inverter at my home to run the following appliances: 1 Desktop, 2 fans, 2 tubelights. As we have power cut in Pune for almost 5-6 hours, I need an inverter which can give me back up of at least 4 hours. My budget is maximum 25k. Please suggest me a good combination...
  10. quagmire

    Google unveils a new Nexus 7 tablet

    *www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5LysTmwDan8 Specs: 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor Adreno 320 GPU 7" 1920x1200 LCD display, 323 PPI 2GB of RAM Android 4.3 5MP rear and 1.2MP front camera HDMI output Qi Wireless charging Bluetooth 4.0 Wifi...
  11. TheHumanBot

    [Upgrade] AMD Rig For 3DMax

    hi here are screenshots of CPU-Z i want to upgrade this config, that would be wise or i should just buy a new one? and this is not mine, it's for a friend of mine. budget max. is Rs. 8000 main req. is GFX card and more RAM. with this config 3d max renders takes around 2.5 hours so just want to...
  12. A

    High paying IT(software) companies in India

    I have been working in a top Software Service company for 3 years and still couldn't get a salary of 4.5 lakh p.a. I have no aspirations of working onsite. I want to earn in India and I don't mind about the hours of work. I will be happy to work for even 12-14 hours a day if I get a good salary...
  13. C

    Need advice to buy a 1.5 ton AC

    Hellos Everyone ! Just joined forum yesterday. I Need AC for my room : Length X Breadth X Height : 18 ft X 10 ft X 10 ft (with one 10 ft X 10 ft wall and rooftop exposed directly to sunlight) windows : 6ft X 6 ft Budget : 40k (Stretchable) Usage : About 4 months only in...
  14. rst

    help me in buying an inverter

    i need inverter( pure sine ) for 3 fans,4 tubelight, tv and pc It should be capable of 3-4 hours plz help
  15. A

    less hours in a day!!!

    since past few days have been noticing that i am not able to complete the tasks which are scheduled at the starting of a day!!! don't you think that a day should consist of 36 hours or more?
  16. S

    is this activation practise correct for my battery?

    hi,guys all here I'm tired of my weak battery(less than 1 hour working time). So, i have determined to purchase a new one from this website Compaq Presario CQ60 Battery Replacement, Compaq Presario CQ60 Batteries since i have good shopping experience from it. Well, my question is: do i need...
  17. M

    Looking for an inverter..

    I need an inverter for home for minimal needs.. It should power 2 lights, 2 fans, a laptop and a wifi router. 600VA with 150Ah batteries would be more than enough? Would need backup for 2 hours. Budget: 6-7k. Suggestions please.
  18. M

    burn in doubts

    hello , i purchased soundmagic E10 yesterday. i was wondering about the burn in period. 1. how much burn in time should i give these per day .. can i give them 9-10 hours per day to burn ?? 2.can i listen to the new earphones stright away for longer periods..like 8-9 hours a day?? 3. for...
  19. ithehappy

    No audio after sometime in Win 7 x64

    This is a weird problem I am facing for last 2-3 days. I don't have a speaker, and the sound via headphone stops coming after few hours. If I reboot the system or even send it to standby and then wake up it comes back, then say after few hours, maybe 2 or 3, haven't measured, it is gone again. I...
  20. sam_738844

    Suggestios> External/Portable HDD needed : 1TB

    Suggestios> External/Portable HDD needed : 1TB Guys, I need Price, comparison, RMA and othere necessary info about a 1TB portable/external HDD i'll buy in mid march. Since i'll be buying it from Indonesia, it will take me time to survey market price here. I'll be using it for mass...
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