1. X

    Should I sell my Xperia P for Galaxy Grand

    Hi Guyz . I currently own a Xperia P . I bought it back a month or a two . But lately , this Galaxy Grand has caught my eye . Actually , i'm a heavy user . My Xperia P does perform tasks elegantly . But the matter that has led me to this stage is it's battery . 1305 mAh won't suffice me , as it...
  2. V

    Flipkart - extremely terrible, irresponsible, etc in case of Refunds!

    I don't know whether any of you have faced this but I have realized Flipkart is no better than those pathetic infibeams & other ecommerce players in the Indian market. I am surprised to say that even Homeshop18 is leagues ahead when it comes to refunds. Here the story: Back in November last...
  3. ithehappy

    Fedex branches in Kolkata?

    I need a list of their branches in Kolkata. I called them on their helpline no and they told me there are some branches in Kolkata, but they aren't sure how many and where! Took 10 minutes to give me two phone numbers, one in CIT Road. The numbers are (033)22654155, which is busy for last three...
  4. V

    Ubislate 7Ci doesn't boot

    I have purchased Ubislate 7Ci tablet online. Currently after pressing power on button for few seconds may be 10-15 secs tablet switch on but it stuck on Android text logo on only and doesn't go any further, tried to boot several time still the same. I have charged tablet for several hours may...
  5. theserpent

    In 48 Hours, Entrepreneur Sets up 10-floor Building

    In 48 Hours, Entrepreneur Sets up 10-floor Building Meanwhile in china *www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjGhHl-W8Wg There was another hotel in china that was made in 10 days, but no one has ever got a pic of what the hotel looks like inside?
  6. eggman

    First time biker ...How do I go about it?

    Hi Guys Here's my situation. ->My friends have taught me how to ride bikes , so I have some experience of how to ride one. But no road experience and it was 2 years ago. So anyway, I've enrolled into a driving school. It's a 10 hours course , so by the end of it I think I should get...
  7. perplexed

    HTC One S C2 model battery life !!

    Can anyone estimate what will be the normal talk time on the Indian HTC One S ? Consider that I will play NO games at all and maybe 1 hours of normal calls and about 2 hours of Wifi usage Everyday !!!
  8. S

    Can I keep UPS so close to my PC ?

    I know that we should not keep sub-woofers near our PC , is there any similar issue if we use UPS so close to PC ? its an iBall 621V and runs more than 10 hours / day
  9. P

    Exclusive Webinar series for Thinkdigit members

    Hi, On popular demand, we are starting a Webinar series on some of most sought after topics. The first webinar will cover - Ethical Hacking : 28th September, 1500-1600 Hours ( Register Here ) The webinar will provide a basic understanding of what is involved in ethical hacking. The free...
  10. Chetan1991

    [urgent] 90w ac adapter Rs 1800 from Dell vs 1000 from laptopcharger.co.in?

    My Inspiron's AC adapter went off with a bang. Had been using it 2.5 years on avg 10 hours per day. Dell (at chandigarh) is selling the replacement Rs. 1800 while laptopcharger.co.in is selling for Rs. 1000. Which one should I go for? Is the 1000 rupee one low quality for sure? I use laptop on...
  11. M

    Asus Padfone the 3 in 1 Innovation !!!!

    I just saw this in news I dont know if any thread open for this so I am posting :) 3 In 1 Mobile + Tablet + Docking Station........ 16 hours + 60 hours + 102 hours.........Standby time (as per asus) OS: Android (4.0.3) Dimensions: 5.04 x 2.57 x 0.36 (128 x 65.4 x 9.2 mm) Weight...
  12. pacificb0y

    Cost of running a pc for 20 hours

    hey people i have a gtx 550 ti with asus motherboard and a 19 inch monitor with a 600 watt iball sprinter smps i casually run my computer for 10 hours sometimes 20 which includes 10 hours of downloading at night ,i wonder how much i am paying to run my computer for 20 hours on a daily basis...
  13. D

    Advice needed: Best midrange Android ICS phone with 4.3 Inch+ Screen < 24K price

    Hi friends, please help me in buying an Android Smart phone with a maximum budget of 24K. Minimum Requirements: a) 4.3 Inch Display (Minimum) b) ICS 4.0 c) Dual Core d) Front Camera (Required - Minimum VGA) e) Rear Camera (Required - minimum 5MP) f) RAM 1GB (if not 768MB) g)...
  14. M

    BUdget Gaming PC

    hi guyz, i was looking to buy a new laptop, my older one died after bearing intense workload from me for 6 years i am conservative about few things: 1) atleast 1.7 GHz + 2) 1 GB ram or more 3) keyboard without the right side numpad 4) under 30k, preferably nearabout 25k 5) preferable DOS (as OS...
  15. D

    Which Laptop is best?

    Hello I'm looking for a laptop that will be used both for general use and a bit of gaming. Gaming wise, i will play at least older games and low spec games, however i will play better games if i can. please reccomend one of the following laptops or another of similar price and specs. If possible...
  16. lovedonator

    Gaming Keyboard+Mouse+Mousepad

    Hey guys,need a Gaming Keyboard+Mouse+Mosepad. Preferred Brand-Logitech and Razer Usage Scenario-FPS Games(COD,Crysis) & lots of RPG(Skyrim,Witcher,Fallout) Connection Type- Wireless or USB Maximum Budget- Total 10K Would be nice if the keyboard is backlit and comfortable for long hours of...
  17. Saumil996

    Ripjaws X vs Sniper

    I am buying a new 8GB RAM kit tomorrow in the afternoon hence i would like some recommendations I have finally come down to these two Ripjaws X and Sniper I know the sniper does not overclock well but i am not really interested in overclocking my RAM Bump guys please reply fast...
  18. AVT

    Price of these gigabytes mobos in Delhi ?

    Just wanted to have an idea how much money should i carry when I leave home to buy my components . (i live 2.5 hours away from Delhi and the ATM limit is 20,000 per day) Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3 Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3 Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 Are they even available now ?
  19. P

    DELL XPS 15Z battery life

    I have bought a brand new DELL 15z with i5 configuration.I am getting only 3 hours battery backup with wi-fi & a browser, brightness 30%, balanced power mode.An 8-cell battery is used & drivers are uptodate. . Is my laptop battery faulty? Please reply as soon as possible .. I have...
  20. eggman

    Certified Human

    Hi I just bought a Galaxy S3 less than 24 hours ago. Some low quality pics from my webcam : Price : Rs. 37050 Location : Univercell, CMH Road, Bangalore I went to ask for the piece on Friday and they were quoting 39000. Sangeetha was quoting 39990 with bunch of accessories and goodies...
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