1. R

    clone mac address

    I have tp link 8901n adsl modem. I have lan connection in my hostel. How to clone my laptop's mac address to the modem?
  2. powerhoney

    Air cooler suggestion

    I live in a hostel and it gets bloody hot during the summer season... So, I was wondering if the air coolers that are available in the market are of any use in this kind of situation... Anyone with any experience of such air coolers??? Or, should I just buy a table fan... P.S.: I was thinking...
  3. powerhoney

    5.1 speakers for hostel around Rs. 7000

    Hey guys... As the title suggests, I am on the lookout for 5.1 speakers for my hostel room. I am quite a n00b when it comes to speakers and I don't know anything about them. My sources will be: 1. Lenovo Ideapad Y500 2. Xperia Z1 3. iPod Touch 4g 4. iPad Mini Now, my questions are...
  4. G

    How is Sri Chaitanya in Hyderabad?

    Hi, I'm planning to get enrolled in Sri Chaitanya in Hyderabad for my intermediate and engineering entrance preparations. Can any one please provide detailed information about the institute? I will be staying in the hostel, so tell me about the hostel as well.
  5. omega44-xt

    Networking issue in my hostel !!

    I'm a college student, living in hostel. College provides us internet facility through LAN(no WiFi). There is one main LAN distribution box in each hostel. From there the LAN is connected to distribution boxes in each floor of hostel. The problem is my hostel building has no distribution box, so...
  6. S

    Cheapest & best monitor with dvi/hdmi

    Ok folks so I will be moving to Jaipur next month to start my college and I want to take my precious rig with me. So I want to buy a cheap but good quality monitor with HDMI port or DVI port(DVI cable should be included). As this will be a temporary monitor for my hostel room, please don't...
  7. G

    IIT-M may soon impose stricter disciplinary measures on students

    Thats very sick :| The Hindu : Cities / Chennai : IIT-M may enforce more norms
  8. A

    Help for cs 1.6

    hI aLL, i am living in hostel and we are having wifi here with all the restriction like ban fb n all..My main problem is that in hostel every one play cs 1.6 by creating ad-hoc connection but i am never be able to join the game as no server is detected and if i create server than every one...
  9. utkarsh007

    VPN connection

    Hey i am in college which obviously uses a proxy server nd hence all r ips are same. Now i wanna connect to different hostel and all hostels have different servers. Now i wanna connect to other hostel using vpn so that i can use their lan sharing. But vpn didnt worked. i disabled antivirus...
  10. H

    Dell XPS 15 L502X Wi Fi Problem

    I purchased a Dell XPS 15 L502X 1 month ago.I am having problem with its wi-fi.I study at Thapar University, and the hostel in which I live provides Wi-Fi facility.I have attached an image below.The problem is that the connection speed the hostel provides is 54 Mbps.But in my laptop it keeps on...
  11. Disc_Junkie

    C.I.D. fan anyone??

    Nowadays the re casting of the CID episodes are aired on Sony. I watched them whole day and night during my holidays and now as my holidays are over...i am back to my hostel and am missing them:cry:....wanted to know if any other fans of CID are here??!!!!!
  12. W

    12th Tuition - with hostel facilities. Any idea?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me from where can i get 12th tution class (cbse). It's damn urgent. Also, hostel facilities should be provided by the institute. pls pour in your valuable comments ....
  13. K

    Hostels in Bangalore Near Koramangla?

    My Sister is currently in Bangalore studying Law at Christ College. Upto now, she was living in the college hostel itself. This year it seems, the college hostel is reserving 80% of the beds for MBA students and giving the Last 20% only to those who attend the church/chapel regularly. Since my...
  14. bkpeerless

    run computer without earthing

    hi i am planning to bring my computer to my hostel but my hostel pluck dont have earthing is it very dangerous to rus computer without earthing or is there any way to provide earth to it .. i cannot open plug or boards as it is illigal in hostel any temporary measure precaution will help
  15. C

    Had Enough, help me

    Hostel, stupidest fillters.. each and every damn site blocked. NO PROXY works. Now in Hostel Lan they blocked all messengers, gmail and all other mails and number of sites and when asked they said order by princpal and will be blocked. Bloody had enough. How do I bypass it? They use Surf Control...
  16. C

    PG, Pune

    Currently studying at MIT Gurukul, Pune. Actually not excatly pune but Loni.. like 20 mins away frm hadapsar. Exams coming up and there is much noise in hostel so need accomodation for a month.. and if I like I will be pg for next year too (12th). Hostel internet, many sites blocked.. so can...
  17. max_demon

    How Are Movies Like Hostel 1,2 Finel Destination made?

    today i watched Final Destination 2... i always wondered . it doesnt look like harry potter , matrix like CG movies . all look REAL!! remember ( chopping away of d*** from Hostel 2 ? ) REAL BLOOD ??? also suggest me more GORY movie names . for watching
  18. anshul

    Using torrents in hostel

    Hey folks!!! I m in a hostel, here the net works fine except the fact that it does not start downloading from torrents. The server does not allow another server(tracker) to be used in it. The server is not very strict.Restricts only a few sites. Allows gaming sites and legal music sites...
  19. speedyguy

    Broadband Querry: Urgent

    this may be discussed but m not finding my answer.... i need an internet connection in my hostel in bangalore.... my budget is arnd 500/mnth unlimited wit some extra installation watever... checkd out reliance, airtel, bsnl, tata indi....wont suit me.... plus my problem is i cant get...
  20. R

    Bridge Networking

    I Have Two Lan Crad On My Desktop Pc..out Of One Is Connected To My Hostel Lan Its Ip Is The Other Lan Crad I Have Is To Connect My Laptop Dsesktop Has Win Xp.....and Laptop Has Vista...can Any1 Tell Me Wht Ip's Should I Put For My Laptop And In The Sense I Want...
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