1. Desmond

    Looking for good over-the-ear headphones with mid range soundstage

    I currently own a Philips SHM1900 headphones that's been serving me well for over 6 years. Now it's started to malfunction (losing sound in right speaker). So, I think it's time to retire these and get myself a new pair. My requirements are as follows: - These will be my daily driver...
  2. AudioGeek

    [For Sale] Bravo Tube Headphone Amplifier

    For sale is Bravo Audio Tube Amplifier, in mint condition. Powerful to drive any dynamic headphone. V1 - EH6922 Electro Harmonix tube. V2 - 12AU7 Shuguang tube. Price - 3000rs shipped 1. *Model number and details: Bravo V2 2. *Date of purchase: July 2017 3. Reason for sale: Not needed 4...
  3. ramaswamy ganapathy

    Best budget gaming headphones?

    i am currently owning a kotion each it does its job decently, but im thinking of an upgrade, i need advice whether its worth the upgrade? hyperX stinger any good?...etc. This is a follow up to my previous thread, P.S ive got FIIO dac its amazing stuff, i think headphone is tearing up if i try...
  4. AudioGeek

    [For Sale] Headphones, Earphones, Amps - All Brand New

    For Sale are Audiophile Headphones, Earphones, Amplifiers which are Brand New in box, never used. Best prices you could ever get in India, Guaranteed. No other can even come close to my prices. Model number, details & Expected Price: IEM's: Ultimate Ears UE900S - 25,000 Noble Audio Savannah...
  5. V


    1. *Model number and details: NAD VISO HP50 (White) 2. *Date of purchase: It was a gift. Received it today brand new. Just unboxed to check if everything was intact. 3. Reason for sale: I am not an audophile or a pro sound guy. Need the money for my new PC. 4. Warranty details: Usually, they...
  6. A

    Another "Need Suggestion" thread for IEMs around ~7k

    1.What is your budget? Ans: Rs 7000 (+/- 1000) 2.What is your need for buying headphone? ( like Dj/ gaming/for mobile phone…. etc) Ans: Music. 3. What kind of Headphone do you require? Ans: In ear Monitor 4.What is your source? (like Laptop /cd player/mobile phone…etc(please specify the...
  7. D

    Required ANC headphones

    Hi all, I want to buy a headphone for listening to music, I want ANC in the headphone, My budget is max till QC 25's. I have finalised: 1) Bose QC 25 2) Audio Technica MSR7NC Should I wait for Audio Technica wireless shown in CES 2017 or do you guys have a suggestion for a good...
  8. V

    Amplifier for Set Top Box

    Hi, I recently bought a Philips TV but it doesn't have a headphone jack. So to use a headphone, I have to directly connect it to the Set Top Box via an RCA Male to Aux Female cable. I can hear properly but the volume isn't too loud, despite setting the volume of the STB to the highest. The...
  9. A

    bluetooth with aux headphone

    Hi, I am looking to replace my current Oldie but goldie headset Nokia BH 503 with new one with the same feature i was browsing through net and found BOSE QC 35 and got to know its very innovative feature that i can be used with Aux cable also when battery died but it is above my budget. I am...
  10. mikael_schiffer

    Need SUPER DURABLE Gaming Headphone whithin Rs2000 to 4000 range

    Been using my Logitech G130 "gaming" headphones for 2 months till it was beyond usable. Cellotape and Fevikwik could somehow keep it together but the strap eventually snapped and was beyond repair. A Headphone (some generic one)i owned before lasted me a week or so. I am not a rough user, my...
  11. Jokumar

    Headphone under 1500rs

    Dear all I need headphone for my RedMi Note 3 I will use it for listening to music as well as taking calls. Music is my first priority as I have to use it for Meditation purpose, for this I don't have to hear outside disturbance. I need volume buttons as well as track change buttons. It...
  12. D

    headphone with mic

    i dont know much about audios,but this time i have to take that. so i want to buy a microphone but instead of that i decided to get headphone with mic. the budget -i really dont know but it should be in low cost budget.maybe 2k.
  13. J

    WTS : Audio-technica ATH-M50 headphone in Kolkata

    Studio quality headphone, fascinatingly balanced output, does full justice to high quality recordings, just google to know more. Almost unused , bought in December 2013 with proper bills and have been used indoors for maximum 4/5 times, comes with the box and everything that was in the box...
  14. C

    NVIDIA Audio

    I connect my headphone to monitor. Monitor is connected to NVDIA graphics card (GTX 750 TI) via HDMI cable. It works fine, last day i connected earphone that comes with my android phone, sound works fine, but the mic is not working (my old headphone have no mic), i am not sure NVDIA HDMI...
  15. M

    Looking for HeadPhone with Mic

    Hello Guys, looking for Headphone with Mic.(going to use it with Oneplus One). -> MIC is must -> Budget 1000(Max 1200) -> Should be durable. -> Should have great bass Please help me in deciding. Thanks in advance. Have Sounmagic models in mind. read somewhere that they are not durable enough.
  16. harshilsharma63

    Need Headphones Under 2k

    Hi guys. I need suggestion for a new headphone. headphone type - over-the-ear, over-the-head headphone. Music I listen - only heavy metal songs. My existing Philips SHP2000's sound starts shattering. Brand preference - Phillips Budget - 2k max I prefer neutral sound profile (no extra bass or...
  17. V

    Use Headphone with mic in PC

    Hi, This seems like a very noob question but I haven't found any answers till now. I have an MSI 970A-G43 board (Realtek audio manager) with 6 audio ports. I connect an Altec Lansing 2.1 speaker to the line out port. This speaker has an earphone and mic port on it and to the earphone port, I...
  18. vishnov

    In-The-Ear Headset confusion below 2000Rs

    I've used my Philips headphones (SHO3305) to its limit for past one year. I've always had a thing for bass and I listen too all kinds of music. The headphone i have now is kind of cumbersome sometimes (read discomfort to listening while sleeping and portability issues). I'm planning to switch...
  19. ithehappy

    Suggest an AMP please

    I use an E11 now, absolutely LOVE it. But I need something better, something with better dynamism, and the most important thing has to be the battery life and charging mechanism. The E11 can't be charged while used, and that is the reason why I don't use it always even when I want to. I don't...
  20. ithehappy

    Kindly suggest a headphone [7.5-8K]

    Kindly suggest a headphone [12-13K] First of all thanks for unlocking my account, much appreciated. So I bought a Audio Technica M40X headphone few days ago, and I received the product today. I listened to it for half an hour or so, and the sound-stage is really dull for me. I mean the sound...
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