bluetooth with aux headphone


I am looking to replace my current Oldie but goldie headset Nokia BH 503 with new one with the same feature

i was browsing through net and found BOSE QC 35 and got to know its very innovative feature that i can be used with Aux cable also when battery died but it is above my budget.

I am looking for the headphone with the same feature(can be used with aux when battery died)


able to attend telephone call
I am bass head and thora sa audio clarity bhi chahiaye
Bluetooth and Aux compatibility
fm or MMC
noise cancellation

Budget 10-15k or can be stretched if option is really worth, i need headphone during running or workout too, please suggest some options


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One of the best headphones for an audiophile is Sennheiser HD598 @ 15K
Link: Sennheiser - HD 598 Over-Ear headphone - Buy Online in India - Headphone Zon
OP can also check the above website for more brands within his budget and his taste.

Going with bluetooth is not a good idea if one wants only superb audio experience.

Auxiliary capability is not possible via headphones.

Otherwise OP can search for his taste from:

Link: Bose® SoundSport® Pulse Wireless Headphones | Bose

Bose is Boss. Though there are several other premium brands such as Sennheiser, V-Moda, Bayerdynamic etc.

OP can also check

Since I am not an audiophile I cannot suggest the best premium brands other than Bose, Sennheiser, Bayerdynamic...

Wait for more suggestions from other senior audiophile members as well...

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