Need Headphones Under 2k

Hi guys. I need suggestion for a new headphone.

headphone type - over-the-ear, over-the-head headphone.
Music I listen - only heavy metal songs. My existing Philips SHP2000's sound starts shattering.
Brand preference - Phillips
Budget - 2k max

I prefer neutral sound profile (no extra bass or treble).



I got myself a pair of Samson SR850 for Rs 1.75k, for the price, they are really good, only complaint i have is the earcups can be uncomfortable


better than Sennheisser HD 202 II , Much better than Sound Magic ES18 & Phillips SHP1900
These three products I owned, can confirm
But the earcups are really crap and the headband puts too much downward force, it will take atleast a week to get used to them, my advice, buy yourself a pair of earcups from Audio Technica ATH 50x, they cost like Rs 600 on ebay and use them on SR850 (I Plan on doing the same)


Great headphones, very clear sound output with punchy bass. I love it. Light weight and very very portable. On mobiles, with I push the volume to highest, the headphone sometimes starts vibrating with the bass which fells soooo damn cool. Noise isolation is also fine.
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