1. M

    Dictionary software for Red Hat 9.0 ?

    Hi all, I want a Dictionary software that will run in red Hat 9.0 . Is it available ?. If yes means please tell me where can i get it . Thanks
  2. R

    How to install new font in red hat 9.0?

    How to install new font in red hat 9.0?.give the commands.help me
  3. S

    free up linux space

    I want to remove Red Hat 9 from my system without affecting Windows XP and I want to free up the disk space that Red Hat has taken. How can I do that? I have GRUB boot loader installed
  4. godsownman

    Internet in Red Hat

    I want to configue my internet in Red Hat Linux. Can anybody please help me in doing that. I tried but was not successful. Thanks
  5. champ_rock

    red hat

    how many images of red hat are there in the dvd................
  6. S

    How to install multiple Linux along with window os

    please tell me how to install Red Hat 9.0,Mandrake 10.1 & win98,winXP on single machine
  7. B

    fedora linux

    hai friends, fedora linux is a free linux distribution by Red hat linux. Professional version of red hat linux is avaiable as it is with customer support and also they provide more secure packages.
  8. godsownman

    Red Hat Linux

    I have just installed Red Hat Linux 9 . When I installed it I did not write the Boot loader to the MBR instead I selected the first sector on the partition. As the setup was coming to an end I was prompted to create a boot disk. Now, what is happeninig is that if the boot disk is not...
  9. T

    How to access Windows Fat or NTFS Drives in Red Hat 9 Linux?

    I have installed Red Hat 9 Linux but i cannot access the Windows Drives Is there any way that i can access those drives if so how. I also cannot play Mp3 files in Linux how to do that.
  10. Sourabh

    Red Hat Spins Off Fedora Project

    Red Hat Spins Off Fedora Project At the Red Hat Summit, Mark Webbink, Deputy General Counsel at Red Hat, is expected to announce the creation of the Fedora Foundation and the Software Patent Commons. Such efforts signify Red Hat's desire to builder a broader community of developers for its...
  11. R

    Hard Disk Refuses to Install Linux

    I had win 98 installed on my PC, I have a Samsung 20Gb HDD. I repartioned my hard drive and installed Red Hat 7.2. The whole setup used to work fine. After some time I formated the whole hard disk (after deleting all the partitions first) and then created two FAT32 prations and installed...
  12. Sourabh

    Microsoft to buy Red Hat ?

    Microsoft to buy Red Hat ? "Various news sources including ZDnet are today reporting that Microsoft is considering buying out Red Hat, speculating that 'Microsoft could see Red Hat's acquisition as a nice way to undermine IBM, but might not consider that a sufficient reason to do it,' adding...
  13. A

    Red hat Or Fedora...need help

    Hi frands As we all know there r many clones of Linux. but out of which Red hat suse mandrake r prominent one. i am familiar with red hat little bit.. but now i want to completely switch to linux. coz i am planning for making career in this field my query is now since fedora 3 is...
  14. S

    refresh rate

    How do we change the refresh rate of the monitor in Red Hat Linux 9.0?
  15. B

    Red Hat Linux

    I installed Red Hat LInux on a machine on network. Other machines in the network are having win 98/me. But i could not access the Red Hat Machine using telnet command from windows machines. I tried a lot e.g. using TCP/IP, FTP. but it cannot connect. Please Help me.
  16. sagar_coolx

    Red hat 9 help

    Hey everyone,i was very new to the linux concept.so i decided to install and try linux on my own. i foun three dusty red hat 9 c.d.;s and decided to give them a try.i ianstalled everything and it went on like a breeze.after everything was installed,i rebooted.then the grub loader came in i...
  17. S

    Which Linux Installation to choose?

    Hi all! I have a old (scrap but in perfect working condition) Celeron 700 MHz with 128 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD and 8 MB 3D Acc. Card, etc. Now I have Digit's Aug 2003 DVD. With Red Hat 9, Peanut 9.5, Mandrake 9.1& Knoppix 3.2. Now I am confused abt which one should I install? I just wanna...
  18. P

    red hat 9 help..

    i recently installed red hat 9 .. installation was fine.. but the problem is after logging in and typing startx, i get the error " no screens found" ... i should tell u tht while config. graphics card in the setup, i used the "default" option coz my onboard card was not shown ( my mobo is...
  19. S

    Sify broadband for linux

    can any body help me in installing Sify Broadband software in Red Hat 9? where can I download it from? SID
  20. I

    OS Choice menu

    Hi. I'm new to Linux and am unaware about most of the technicalities of this OS. Recently I installed Red Hat 9 on my PC. My existing OS is Win XP Pro. After successful completion of the installation when I rebooted the machine, this is what I found in the OS choice menu: I've no clue where...
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