1. praka123

    Red Hat releases free replacements for Windows core fonts

    Last week, Red Hat announced the release of three Liberation typefaces as free replacements for the Windows core fonts Arial, Courier New, and Times New Roman -- respectively, the leading sans serif, monospaced, and serif fonts in use today. Available for immediate...
  2. freebird

    Eric Raymond(catb fame) Knocks Fedora, Switches to Ubuntu

    http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/07/02/22/207231.shtml http://open.itworld.com/4917/070222fedora/page_1.html debian GNU/Linux and its package maintaining technology are the best.dpkg,apt and a comon wrapper called wajig
  3. S

    Unmount USB device in Red Hat Linux 9

    Hi All, How to unmount USB device in Red Hat Linux 9? I'm able to mount the USD drive but have no idea how to unmount it. Please guide. -Srimaya
  4. Pragadheesh

    Making internet connection in Linux..

    hello everyone, at present i have bsnl broadband net connection which 'm using only in Win XP... i recently installed red hat linux 4... now i want to connect to internet thru Linux.. how to do it guys..?? waiting for ur replies...
  5. Kiran.dks

    BETA RELEASE: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Beta 2 released

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) Beta 2. Red Hat has announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) Beta 2. The company says that RHEL 5, which will be released in early 2007, will provide the latest open source technologies for improved performance, security, and...
  6. S

    when will suse 10.2 come up?

    hi folks! ne news as to when suse 10.2 will show up? i think suse and ubuntu r the only distros competing in the desktop os marketvery closely followed by mandriva.but i must admit tht red hat has dissappointed me and so has fedora!seriously guys u can't winhearts intoday's market by making the...
  7. S

    Microsoft May Indemnify Some Red Hat Linux Users

    Updated: The company, while trying to reach a patent agreement with Red Hat, has not ruled out going it alone and providing some sort of indemnification for its customers who use Red Hat Linux. BARCELONA, Spain—While Microsoft is hoping to enter into a patent deal with Red Hat...
  8. subratabera

    Microsoft Plans To Grab Suse!

    Microsoft follows Oracle into Linux market. Moves are big trouble for Red Hat. Here is the full story... http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Story.aspx?guid=%7BEEF34C41%2D480F%2D4ABC%2D9D0F%2DE5BC53E5C552%7D&siteid=
  9. JGuru

    Oracle's new Linux!!

    Oracle on Oct. 25 announced that it will provide the same enterprise-class support for Linux as it provides for its database, middleware and applications products. Essentially, this means that Oracle, after removing Red Hat trademarks, will be distributing Oracle Unbreakable Linux, derived from...
  10. N

    Trouble with Grub

    HI folks...it's been long time I posted..... anyway heres my problem.. I installed Red Hat 9 on a different hardisk then the windows hardisk...... so I have Red Hat on hd0 and Windows on hd1 The problem is that GRUB is not loading windows...it just shows me the following message and does...
  11. vish786

    playing dat vob files in linux

    i need some plugins to play dat and vob files on red hat 9 can somebody suggest a site.
  12. abhi_10_20

    linux installation

    can i install red hat linux on my system without providing a partition? The linux version is is the fifth edition provided on a dvd. ( other distributors which run on CD(like kubuntu etc) directly worked out, but i want to install red hat.
  13. I

    Red Hat scoops up JBoss

    SOURCE: http://news.com.com/Red+Hat+scoops+up+JBoss/2100-7344_3-6059293.html?tag=nl.e498 I dont know about you, but this is def an interesting development if you ask me. Which leads to the question, is opensource really "open source" ???
  14. B

    Red hat gives up on fedora foundation

    I don't know whether to be happy or sad :? http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060406-6535.html
  15. T

    windows installation on red hat preloaded machine??????

    hi, i have recently got a PC with Red Hat loaded in it. well, i want to install windows also into it. i have heard that red hat and others can be loaded only by first loading or loaded windows OS and then red hat, not the other way round. so, i wanted to confirm this::: is it...
  16. praka123

    Redhat bought Tapia's stake in RedHat India

    source here
  17. P

    executable file

    how can i make a text file into executable one in red hat 9 ver ?
  18. nithinks

    Installing red hat linux...

    Digit forum members, I am having win98se and win xp as OSs.Now I want to install Red hat linux enterprise edition such that current OSs are not effected How can i do that? My harddisk has 3 partitions with 40GB space, Thank you!
  19. B

    Using SifyBroadband on Ubuntu 5.10

    Hi guys I need help on connection to the sify server on the Ubuntu 5.10 Sify's propritery dialers dont support linux (only Red Hat as far as i know) So need ur help guys.
  20. M

    Problem in monitor

    Hi all, I am using Red Hat 9.0 , my problem is my desktop is not covered fully. only after 1/2 cm the left margin of desktop begins , so i feel uncomfortable to access the close window buttons when i maximize a window . My monitor is not automatically detected by Red hat . Please...
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