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Please suggest me a good book on computer. Not programming book. A genral book which covers brief history of computer,a general idea of programming, hardware etc. from a broader perspective. It doesn't have to be one book. I am not talking about the ABC of computer, or a book for non technological person. But book(s) that covers different parts of computer like hardware,software, history of computers etc. ... like a book to revise your current knowledge, or a must have book in your shelf if you are a programmer or hardware eng. whatever. I hope you get the point. Any suggestion is most welcome thank you :)


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use Wikipedia instead.

Nice one liner reply. :lol:

Seriously though, no such book comes to mind with your desire, except School text books or Encyclopedia type books.
Technology is a very broad subject. And every topic on a part of Technology can be outlined in numerous books. There can't be a single book for 'programming'. Rather you will need to look for book for a particular language. Similarly about others.


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If you want a brief knowledge of computer hardware & software then,
For hardware i can suggest you "Scott mueller' Upgrading and repairing pc's"
search for latest edition(its the best book for a brief knowledge of computer hardware & how to's)
The book might scare you coz its one of the bigger books...but its interesting once you start reading it.

For software....sky is the limit...no book in particular that will give you command over any language you will have to just read different book.
Black book series could help you.(java,html,php,c++ etc)
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