Laptop in range of 25K-30K


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Laptop in range of 25K-35K

This post I am writing on behalf of my friend, who tried to register on this site but could not post as the activation mail did not appear in her inbox as well as spam.
To put it briefly she wants to buy a laptop in range of 25K to 30K. She has a sister visiting her from US and she wants to know if it is Ok to buy laptop from there or should she buy one from India. She already had 2 laptops and they turned out to be very poor. The first being Dell and the second Toshiba. She stay in Thane-Mulund region of Mumbai and her only criteria in buying a laptop is that it should be a solid piece of hardware and should have good after sales service in vicinity of her residence.
Her purpose of buying a laptop is surfing, tally, movies, social networks etc. Not into gaming.

To answer the questionnaire

1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)
Rs 25000 to Rs 35000
2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer?
3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?
a. Like: Don’t know about this one. But I think Lenovo ThinkPad or ASUS
b. Dislike:Not Sure

4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook?
Surfing, tally, movies with good picture and sound quality, social networks e.g. skype, facebook
5) What screen resolution(s) & type (glossy/matte) would you prefer?
Don’t know. Mostly would be used at home away from sunlight, so kindly suggest
6) Anything else you would like to say? (eg: local purchase, ASS,matte/glossy finish)
Solid piece of hardware. Long lasting. Good ASS in Mulund-Thane region of Mumbai. Would appreciate if you could tell me if she can ask her sister to get a better quality piece from the US or are the local laptops better suited for Indian environ.

In case I happen to buy the laptop from Indian instead of US I would like to buy the laptop from lamington area of mumbai. The laptops here are around 5-8K cheaper and in addition they do not charge for an OS and softwares. What is your take on this? Is the hardware available with lamington traders genuine? :confused:In case i get an invoice for my purchase are the products bought from lamington eligible for service from the company? In short is Lamington a grey market? Can I trust these people? Does anybody have any references to good dealers at Lamington?:confused:

Don't be this way :sealed: guys, keeping fingers crossed :Fingerx:

Thanks & Regards,
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