1. kunalht

    TDF Playdates V2.0

    This is a new playdates thread..... OK so guys following have been decided on the Playdate Chatroom with public poll UPDATE /watch?v=SQxVA_rkn6U Also please avoid discussion of any further details about this particular Playdate because it is decided and it won't change under any...
  2. A

    fifa 09 hamachi servers

    Anyone intreseted in playing fifa 09.
  3. Blue Ripazah

    help regarding hamachi

    yo guys me and some my friends want to play cs on hamachi can anybody guide me the tutorial for setting up the server ....... if u guys wanna play you can also join
  4. s18000rpm

    Multi-Game Multi-player Tournament

    Started this thread for a Multi-Game Multi-player tournament for TDF user base only. Games - TF2, CS/S, F1 2010, Dirt2, 3, NFS MW, Shift, GTR2, DotA, FIFA, Urban Terror, BF:BC2, Teeworlds... add more To get yourself enrolled, post your details in following order Game - App - User...
  5. U

    Anybody up for aoe2???

    Hey guys, i am interested in playing aoe2 conq (1.0c). Anybody interested can join my hamachi network: Username: aoe2wars password: huha12. Join in...
  6. buddyram

    VPN Setup thru Hamachi

    I tried to connect to my friend's PC through VPN by using Hamachi. I did everything to connect his PC, and I was able to ping his PC as well as chat but i couldn't browse his PC. It was asking for a login name & password. I tried all the logins but in vain. Which login detail should i use in...
  7. ajooba215

    hamachi 07 invitation for pros....

    hey guys...if u are a Fifa 07 pro n wanna play multiplayer online..then join my network on hamachi.. username:- vishu12345 (leave pass area blank)
  8. N

    Hamachi Game Server for online play with any game.( halo or fifa 07 etc)

    hamachi can be used to play online if you only have a lan connection. I have a hamachi server which plays halo and fifa 07 or any game you want. name: prezguys password: 12345 ---------- Post added at 06:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:31 PM ---------- also post all hamachi servers...
  9. Ethan_Hunt

    The Official Left 4 Dead/ Left 4 Dead 2 Multiplayer PARTAAYY!!

    Ahoy mateys! Welcome aboard the official thread for anything and everything falling into the discussion of these 2 games. Since we (Sunny, quan_chi, tarey_g and yours truly) had been playing this game extensively for the past couple of days now, we thought of expanding this group to our fellow...
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Calling all Call Of Duty 4 Players !

    Hi guys.. thought that it would be great to unite all the cod4 players so that we can play either thru xfire or hamachi.... lets share and play.....:lol::lol: Tutorial On How to setup COD4 Server Credits to amrawtanshx 1.Install COD4. 2.Update it to 1.7 (1.6 is a multipatch of 280mb...
  11. R

    PES 09 Hamachi room

    any of u wanna play or play pes 09 using hamachi. if u already have a hamachi room plzz post the login details else if any1's interested we can create our very own TD pes 09 room
  12. H

    Does anyone here have id in garena or u have a server on hamachi

    Does anyone here have id in garena or u have a server on hamachi plzz post it below :D :D lets not kill bots but but lets get pro with 1 one 1 fights :D :-P
  13. max_demon

    hamachi with need for speed most wanted ?

    Hey all can i use Hamachi with nfs most wanted ? if yes , who else would like to play with me?
  14. himanshu_game

    HAMACHI with FIFA 2009 help

    plz .tell me how to play fifa 2009 with HAMACHI already installed and created network. PLZZZZ>>> trying from 5-6 hrs :(
  15. jit_devil2

    help......hamachi gaming depends on hardware??????

    i cudnt understand in whre to post this.............since it involves gaming m posting here. i have fifa09 n play online via hamachi....................i got a 256kbps speed broadband and its just playable.................... well here's my question does the online performance of the game depend...
  16. Krazzy Warrior

    Portable Counter Strike Condition Zero with Hamachi -- Help

    Hi, I had never used Hamachi to play any game online and now I am getting Portable Counter Strike Condition Zero and I have a question:- 1. Will the person not having portable CS:CZ be able to play with me over LAN through HAMACHI or not..??:confused: Thanks in Advance.:D
  17. Plasma_Snake

    Hamachi Help

    I need to know how to configure Hamachi on Vista Ultimate (64-bit) Upon installation and powering it up, it asks for Nickname and tries to connect but gives some ssl error. I have a BSNL UL plan and connection is set under DHCP. :confused:
  18. ring_wraith

    CS:CZ Hamachi Server

    Anyone want to play Condition Zero right now? PM Me, I'll create a Hamachi server. Yes, I'm bored. If this against forum rules, then mods please delete it. No one? Really? It's Counter Strike!
  19. L

    All FİFA Players are here...come in,join game now.

    hello.....join our big hamachi network....all FİFA 07-08 players are here.....everday 55 online Note: our hamachi network is 1 year premium and not close. hamachi download here: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/list.asp add our hamachi network...name: REKLAMLAR pass...
  20. amitash

    cod4 on hamachi

    HI i want to play cod4 on hamachi...i have hamachi installe now i need instructions on how to see and join the server in the game
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