Multi-Game Multi-player Tournament


Started this thread for a Multi-Game Multi-player tournament for TDF user base only.

Games -
TF2, CS/S, F1 2010, Dirt2, 3, NFS MW, Shift, GTR2, DotA, FIFA, Urban Terror, BF:BC2, Teeworlds... add more

To get yourself enrolled, post your details in following order

Game - App - User ID

TF2 - Steam - Popat
GTA4 - GFWL - lota_6nine
Dirt3 - hamachi - mot@96

Do mention which s/w you'd like to use for online LAN MP (e.g. hamachi, tungle...)

Rules are simple -
1. Foul mouthed nerds would get insta ban @ TDF too
2. Cheating - same as above

Once we have enough players for each game, we'll start the MP event.

Later - each game will have its own MP thread (created by mods/admin)


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I am joining for Urban Terror

URT- [DF]thetechfreak

Will see if my download of TF2 completes in time :D

for Software - HAMACHI


nice initiative

here is my list
CoD MW 1|Gameranger|dexter
NFS MW|Gameranger|dexter
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When does this start?I would like to take part in Fifa but I will be pretty busy next month.
Ok Fifa 11 PC- ingame friend's list/hamachi/whatever- gunnersaurus1
I don't have gameranger but I can set it up,I guess.
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what about BF:BC2 game ? it doesn't have LAN MP only online.BTW how will we play that? i only play BC2 game online ..
what about BF:BC2 game ? it doesn't have LAN MP only online.BTW how will we play that? i only play BC2 game online ..

Well, you need a paid server to host BFBC2 games. And not many people can play in that server as well because you will have to buy the game to play as well. This is reason enough:)

PS: Don't get me wrong, I don't intend to start a Piracy vs legit war.

And please count me in for TF2. My steam id is jojothedragon.


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My 512kbps upload can handle 10 slots in Urban Terror and a lot of slots in Teeworlds. Both games are free.

The first thing you should tell is, which game are you interested in.


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I can join if I know when it will start because if I assure my presence then I'll not be there then that would be bad.


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well, first we need people who are ready. Because arranging time and dates is the later stage.


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TF2 Steam :- SoumojitC

Fifa11 / Dirt2 / Dirt 3 / NFS MW/ COD 4 :- GameRanger :- soumo

BF:BC2 :- (Where to play this?) :???:

Can also play Dirt 3 through Games for Win Live

And, if any1 wants to play Assassins Creed Brotherhood, count me in. :))


Well, going to start downloading TF2 tonight, But I've never played it before :p well anyways, just wanna have fun :D

Steam: bfmv_shinigami


FIFA 11 - Gameranger - Ajai

I have Dirt2 and Dirt 3 but never tried them in gameranger.
Played NFS MW almost 1 year in hamachi and got bored.
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