Calling all Call Of Duty 4 Players !

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Hi guys..

thought that it would be great to unite all the cod4 players so that we can play either thru xfire or hamachi....


lets share and play.....:lol::lol:

Tutorial On How to setup COD4 Server

Credits to

1.Install COD4.

2.Update it to 1.7 (1.6 is a multipatch of 280mb and 1.7 is of 40mb .Both are needed)
Patch 1.6 is here >>> *;title;5

Patch 1.7 is here >>> *;title;3

3.We can play with Hamachi or without Hamachi.
If we play via Hamachi , Firewall has to be OFF or Bypass Hamachi through it or you will keep on gettin Awaiting Connection.
If we dont do it via Hamachi , then no need to worry.You just need to know the IP of the host.For that there should be some communication through any client like xFire.
If any of your friend is playing COD4 , U can join him by Right clicking on his name and selecting JOIN GAME.

4.So if u dont do it through xFire ... U need to manually enter IP in COD4 console.Press ` (the key left to 1 ) to obtain console. Press /connect <IP of the host>
SO if the IP is , Ur syntax should be /connect
Now you will see Awaitin Connection 1,2,3 ... Normally it stops at 4 and then approaches to Setting Up Game.

5.So now your game is ready.Lets count some frags :wink:.

Ok.Now how to host.
1.The host needs a c#ack3d MP file to host.This file is required only by the host , not by clients.
2.Open iw3mp.exe.(c#ack3d one)
3.Click on Start New Server.Now select the options the way you want to customise your game.You can select eith Dedicated or Internet in Type.Both work same.
4.Click on Start Game.
5.If the host is on Hamachi,he needs to connect to his IP.So he needs to keep server on and again open iw3mp.exe.
/ connect If is the IP of the host.

I'll also PM most the posters here with some 24*7 well populated servers ,so that play the game even if TD members aren't present.

just started a server : TDFCOD4

and hamachi details

join in here

Name : TDFCOD4
Password : 123321

or elseadd this to favourite

Please update ur game to 1.7 version !!! or else we cant play...

ucan find the patch at gamecopyworld

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I am thinkin of organising Hamachi Gaming sessions like I used to do in Oct - Nov after April 26.So will post time and details here If I organise such event in future.


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Yeah would be fun to play CoD4 after a long time.....
Hamachi would be better organised but we shall use both xfire and hamachi..(xfire for IM-during matches)
Also some suggestion :
lets make a group of TD Gamers,and make some teams and organize matches and tournaments for fun... :)

I'm there for gaming from 1 may 09.......


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do u have cod4 ?
Yes i do,i used to play over lan with my friends and room mates in hostel.But never over internet.I'm was good among my friends but you never know untill you play online.Currently i'm active on GRID online,But was getting bored and i badly wanted to play COD4 online for years,But don't know how?So plz help me get started.

Currently i'm on BSNL broadband plan 750UL+
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Sorry, I don't think I will be able to... My disk is full and my DVD writer is ruining my DVDs :(
Will have to wait!! :mad:


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what connections do you guys have?
i have that MTNL 256kbps UL. i researched some and got to know that ping matters rather than the speed.
so, it'll work, right?


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ok guys...

any one ready to host ?

or just tell me how to host ..

i was going thru xfire.. i am confused...

any idea on hosting a game ??


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256kbps is absolutely fine for gaming.And I don't think that ping would hurt as the host is going to be an Indian himself.
xFire is for IM,Searchin Existent Servers,Takin snaps n /video but not for hostin.For that purpose we use Hamachi.
We shall use xFire to communicate and Hamachi to host.
Search for that old COD4 "How to host" thread.
I'll be free from tomorrow so can help u better.(Exam will get over at 12:30)
BTW nice to see that TD members want to try something rather than UrT. :lol:


!! RecuZant By Birth !!
ok will install hamachi and guys be ready ....

i will try to find the thread and link or update the first post on how to host..

and also we will be needing more members to play...


Lets Do It!
If I count the members who have posted , we have roughly around 10 players.So the host should have 512kbps to host so that others dont lagg.
If we gather few more players,we can make some random teams.
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