The Official Left 4 Dead/ Left 4 Dead 2 Multiplayer PARTAAYY!!


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Ahoy mateys! Welcome aboard the official thread for anything and everything falling into the discussion of these 2 games. Since we (Sunny, quan_chi, tarey_g and yours truly) had been playing this game extensively for the past couple of days now, we thought of expanding this group to our fellow Digitians. So here's how it's going to work, I'll post the tutorial to the best of my knowledge and hopefully we can form small clans and gather for sessions & report back here. Since Left 4 Dead 2 hasn't released, we'll keep the discussion only to L4D for now. Then as we get the next game, we'll work that out as well. Enough blabbering from my side, let's get this party started!

4 x zombie ass kickers group
1 x Left 4 Dead rotting copy (Left 4 Dead V1.0)
1 x Hamachi (Hamchi)
1 x FRAPS camera (Don't you want to document this event?)

Version Check

-First and foremost, you all need to verify the version of Left 4 Dead copy you guys have. For those in doubt as to what version they have. Run the game, open the console by pressing '~' key and type 'version' and hit enter.

NOTE: To enable developers console, you need to launch the game, go to Options - Keyboard/Mouse - Allow Developer Console and set it to "enabled". This should allow you access to the console.

The version screen should look like this (yes I suck at resizing):

- Once you have determined the version you guys have, make sure it's the same for everyone, failing to which the person won't connect. It's best to keep it at V1.0.0.5 which is our current game. Unless you are all able to secure yourselves the latest patch. On second thoughts, don't bother. It would just confuse you all. I'll work up a tutorial for that later.

Hamachi Configuration

Assuming everyone knows how to use Google, download Hamachi. Now here's the tricky part, people who form the group of 4, need to co-ordinate properly for this set up. I would suggest you all meet on Yahoo, discuss it and launch Hamachi together. Why? I'll let you know.

For this game, Valve relies on the same "first 2 IP octet" rule. Translation: Your Hamachi IP's first 2 octet should be same for all 4 people to be able to connect. When I say first 2 octet, I mean if is you Hamachi IP address, then it's first 2 octet would be "192.161". In order to match these octets one must fresh install and launch Hamachi together. It will then allow you to create a Hamachi ID and thus grant you IP addresses accordingly. If you do it together, you should get the same first 2 octets.

NOTE: For People who already have Hamachi installed and have an IP assigned, use this trick to get a new IP:
- Close Hamachi (if open in system tray)
- In Windows XP: Go to C:\Documents and Settings\*USER*\Application Data and Delete the Hamachi folder in there.
- Launch Hamachi app simultaneously with others and follow tutorial in it to create new IP (just keep clicking next).

If all goes well then you all should have the same octet. It should look like this:

- Once you're done with the octet part, now one person needs to host the server and the others would join him. Once you guys are logged into your Hamachi clients, the host would need to create a new network by click on the triangle shaped icon right next to the power button and click on "Create a Network". Then pass on the network name and password to the rest of the folks. The clients would join that network by click on the same triangle like icon and hitting "Join network" and entering the server's details.

- Once you all are logged into the server, it should reflect the name of the people in the list of the network (as in the above pic).

Configuring the Game

Now that we are done with the Hamachi side of it, let's begin with the game part of it. Nothing much to do out here.

- For clients (people joining), you just have to sit back and relax.

- For servers ONLY (people hosting), you need to open notepad and add the following line (without quotation marks):

"left4dead.exe -game left4dead -console -novid +sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 +z_difficulty normal +map l4d_airport02_offices"

You can change the difficulty level from normal to whatever you want by editing that line.

NOTE: This game is realistic and hence friendly fire is turned ON by default on the normal and above modes. So if you shoot your partner he/she would certainly take damage. If you need friendly fire OFF, then play on Easy mode. It's the only workaround for now.

- You can even edit the map to whichever you want. To get the map list, run the game, hit the console again and type "map *" (without quotes again) and you will get the list of maps available.

To save you the trouble, I compiled the map list available:

- Just copy this map name and paste it after the map name line I gave above.

- Now you need to save this notepad file and rename it to "launch.bat"

- This should make it an executable bat file.

- Once this is done. Launch the game and the map will launch along with the server. Now the host needs to provide his Hamachi IP address to everyone else.

- All the rest need to do is join that IP by launching the game, launching console and typing "connect XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX" and you should connect directly to the host.


And you're all set to play this game. Hope this helps you all. If any doubts or queries, feel free to post it out here.

Game Crashing Fix

We discovered this while we were playing the game and it crashed pretty often. If you guys experience this then here's a solution:

1.) Go to Options - Video - Display Mode and set it to "Windowed (No Border"

2.) Go to Options - Video - Advanced Settings - Muticore Rendering and set it to "Disabled"


thanx a ton for the tut we really have to patch the game, better play directly..what say???


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Anytime. How about you guys give it a test run today? I am have an off at work. So we all can meet up on Yahoo and let loose. Who's in?


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@quan: We have Krow, sxyadii and myself ready right now. I just have to grab some lunch then could join your guys. I think Geek is ready too. sxyadii adding you on Yahoo now.


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For the time being, me and Krow will be testing it out. I'll let you know how it goes. Also that IRC chat is kinda messy, Yahoo is better.


Me and Ethan tested it.. All running fine for us and yes, sunny was missing again!

of course we didnt call him lol


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Wait till i get the game tomorrow. But the problem is I am dwnlding 720P copy of 300 movie. I think i have to pause it at any chance.

BTW, how were you pwnted krow knoob? survived even for 5 mins?


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Nice game. Now if we could only get everyone's attention who are interested in this game to come online at one time and get the same Hamachi octet. Changing the octet each time some one new comes in would be pain in the ass. Anyway, we'll rendezvous back at 9:30PM.

PS: Sunny is still buried deep down in the grave from our last session and waiting to be rescued again. *wink*


Wait till i get the game tomorrow. But the problem is I am dwnlding 720P copy of 300 movie. I think i have to pause it at any chance.

BTW, how were you pwnted krow knoob? survived even for 5 mins?
I was outta ammo in about 7 minutes, then Ethan had to leave and I died instantly. Well, he was the one killing mostly. I was like worse than the bots. :lol:
Posted again:
vamsi you a Knoob. You called me, so I got the game and now u unavailable! :x :lol:
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I am assuring again. I am one helluva knoob in FPS games. Wait... you are a noob too. Let have fun shooting each other instead of zombies. As the friendly fire is on!!
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