1. B

    idk if its right but please look

    ok if this isnt right point me where to post this. this is a hamachi server. must use silab client. client.silabgsoft.org <===link network: pass:123 already have 2 admins and a co owner. mods are being given out for 3 days.
  2. U

    Multiplayer games over LAN

    Hi Gamerz, I am begginer over playing Multiplayer games over LAN . :( Infact I have never played with anyone over LAN. :( I have ceratin qusetion before I can start playing games over LAN with Digitans. ;) What is Hamachi ? (I have little information regarding Hamachi but can...
  3. Rollercoaster

    Hamachi COD4, Crysis, Gears of War

    Hi guys... installed hamachi after a long time.. want to know some servers for COD4 v1.5, Crysis, Gears of War or other games. I know abt the [Digit COD4/lmao] server but it is always full And i tried a bunch of servers from planethamachi.com but they either dont work or are full...
  4. S

    fifa07 over hamachi

    hello, guys could you tell me how to play fifa07 over hamachi ? thanks
  5. nvidia

    How to host a LAN server using Hamachi in NFS MW??

    Hi, Can anybody please tell me how to host a LAN server in NFSMW using Hamachi?? :confused:
  6. axxo

    Gaming on Hamachi

    Hi I just want to play some games online......am on bsnl 256kbps plan is this suffice enought to game on hamachi networks.. i tried to find some servers on net to test the performance..but every network i tried replies "full"..so can anyone setup a server so that we can have a game on..
  7. mad1231moody


    Hey friends have you all heard about hamachi. They say that they will give us virtual LAN. Where two PC's anywhere in the world can be joined and sharing as well as gaming can take place. Is this possible?? And also what speed i will get there. My internet speed or LAN speed?
  8. napster007

    nfs carbon on hamachi?

    will nfs carbon run on hamachi on a 256kbps connection??
  9. L

    Need For Speed Undergr.2 Hamachi network (7/24)come and race

    hello...you can easily play nfsu2 with hamachi and join our big network.... race with the masters... 30 online racer per day in our hamachi network download hamachi here and add networks below: *secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/list.asp...
  10. ssk_the_gr8

    any hamachi players here?

    i want to play multiplayer on hamachi..the games that i have are AoE 3,NFS U2 & fifa 06..anyone here wants to play these!! if yes then plz post here or pmme..with ur hamachi network name & password..& this is my 1st time so if anyone cud give some basic instructions like how to join the hamchi...
  11. C

    Anyone wanna Quake??

    Vacation time!!! So most of the ppl would be free. So lets play Quake III Arena online.. What say guys?? We can play on hamachi servers. :D So decide the time and day. Tomo is sunday.. Someone can host athe game and we all can join. So lets decide the timings.. Downloading Hamachi Client: Go...
  12. shyamno

    Help me with HAMACHI

    I have previoulsy installed the Hamachi with a premium code ..which is TRIAL ..but now it has expired..So what to do now..I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall it with basic edition which is free but still it recognises the same account.. What to do now ???
  13. go_gamez

    help how to setup hamachi

    i have installed the hamachi software but dont know how to set it up..do i need to set up some network on my own or enter some ip address...plzz kindly give me a step tp step guide on hamachi if any one can.. ive just installed it ,when i tried to use it .it says can notconnect..retrying ...
  14. T

    Join my UT Goty network

    Hey all you UT GOTY fans. Join my Hamachi network only for UT GOTY, Username : UTgHoty Password : unreal For more info and getting Hamachi , go to Hamachi.cc
  15. QwertyManiac

    Share your Hamachi servers ...

    If you know about hamachi and would like to play games or browse other user's folders, do share your networks here. [Dont post passwords, PM them for better usage] I play Warcraft III (+ TFT) and NFS MW, UT (the old original) on Hamachi. If anyone wants to join my Server (Qqqq) please PM me. :)...
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