help......hamachi gaming depends on hardware??????

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i cudnt understand in whre to post this.............since it involves gaming m posting here.
i have fifa09 n play online via hamachi....................i got a 256kbps speed broadband
and its just playable....................
well here's my question
does the online performance of the game depend only on my net speed,or hardware also makes a about to buy a powerful gfx card will it boost up my online gaming:confused:


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it depends on both
for fifa 09 u need a good gfx card.
So a good gfx card is needed to run game properly online ( Try running the games offline as u u play single player. if it runs witdout a glitch then it means u can play that online too well )

Hamachi is virtual lan so game will not lag if u and ur opponent can ping each other well.

Note: the game u play must be running normal on opponents pc too.
a inferior gfx card or a low net connection like dial up in any of the gamers wil affect performance
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