1. D@rekills4

    Tablet for the simple purpose of typing and storing

    Hey guys, I don't really have a lot of time to do research on what I should buy. Maybe you guys already know. Just looking for a really cheap tablet that in which my grandfather can type and store stuff. That's it, not other use, no games, no intensive apps. Technically all I need is...
  2. anky

    laptop graphics driver issue! urgent help needed

    Hi Guys, I am using HP G6-2005AX, with AMD A8 apu. from some days my display driver was crashing frequently and sometimes even hard disk used to crash. Today, when it crashed, display went off! I uninstalled the display drivers from device manager. (the mistake i did) After that i have tried...
  3. Ronnie11

    Router for mtnl Broadband - Budget 1500-2000

    Hi Guys, i am looking for a router for an mtnl broadband connection(guessing adsl??). Need good range too since it has to cover about 400+ sq feet area. Could you guys please suggest me a wifi router compatible with mtnl broadband.Budget is around 2000. May not be able to go above.
  4. D

    980 Ti vs the upcoming 1080

    Hey guys, Will the upcoming 1080 be faster than the 980 Ti? According to the info leaked till now, it seems that 1080 will be faster than 980 but slower than 980 Ti. What do you think guys? I am asking since I have ordered a 980 Ti and reconsidering my decision.
  5. D

    Best free download manager

    Guys please suggest a free download manager. I found a list here 10 Best Download Managers For Windows in 201 which one do you guys suggest?
  6. C


    hello guys, i just joiuned. How are you?
  7. H

    Best speakers within 7k ? (2.1/2.0)

    Currently, I'm considering Swan M10. Is there anything better out there given the budget ? Some pointers - - Need neutral signature - High clarity - Not a basshead so I can compromise on bass I listen to almost everything - rock, blues, jazz, classical, pop, country etc Some less...
  8. ajayritik

    Benefits of rooting and how to root yureka

    Many friends out her in TDF suggest me to root my yureka. I seem to be haunted by the battery drain problem on and off. I believe this can be worked around by installing greenify and for that I need to root. So kindly guys let me know the benefits of rooting my android and the steps to root...
  9. D

    Data Recovery

    Dear Digitian Im reposting this thread. coz my Laptop's HDD problem is still unsolved. in year 2014 my Laptops HDD got crashed due to shutdown of laptop. i tried softwars like puran file recovery, wondershare, stellar pheonix. but still cant get my data back. Can anyone help me to retrieve...
  10. ico

    hi guys

    how are you? :p
  11. anky

    URGENT! Need earphones.BUdget - 2000

    Hi Guys, Need earphones for around rs 2000 for bday on 3rd march to gift to myself! :P Need to order today itself. Which type of earphones should i buy. 1. IN ear wired earphones, or 2. IN ear wireless headphones. does wired have better qaulity over wireless? Usage - In Gym...
  12. prehistoricgamer

    [URGENT] DSLR under 25k - Beginner

    Hello, all. First off, I've never operated a DSLR. But I'm very much interested in photography that I've enough enthusiasm to put some effort into learning it. That being said, after a lot of delays, I've decided to get myself a DSLR; although on a tight budget. Also, I'm just a beginner...
  13. WolVish

    Everyday laptop with good display and keyboard

    Hi Guys, I am in need of a desktop replacement Laptop. I have been reading reviews/forums, but I couldn't find a laptop within my requirements. Kindly help me out. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40K to 50K, can stretch a bit 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would...
  14. R

    Gaming PC [~50k budget]

    Hi guys, I need a suggestion to build a gaming pc, mainly for csgo, and some other games like fallout 4, etc. And yeah, ~50k for only the CPU, no monitor, etc. 50k could be the max but i'm willing to go a tad more if needed (IF), and I hope I wouldn't need to. I want you guys to calculate the...
  15. Arnab boss

    want to upgrade my mobile within 30k

    hi guys..after a long time i am here..i want to upgrade my android mobile, Currently i am using a HTC 820 and its been a year i am using it and very much satisfied with i want to upgrade it and my maximum budget is 30k... I do play games but i love my pc much more than a mobile...
  16. E

    Franchise or own business

    Hey guys I want to open my own business with an investment range of 3-5 lakhs.As I am inclined towards technology i would prefer something related to mobiles and accessories or repairing of the gizmos.To be very honest I have been a entrepreneur for last 5 years but have zero experience in this...
  17. NiGHtfUrY

    Upgrading Ram Queries.

    Hey Guys The time has come for me too upgrade my 4gb Ram to a 8gb ram (4GBX2). Right now i own a Gskill ripjaws X 4gb ram stick. 1)Now the maIn thing that i am worried about is that should i go with the EXACT same model? Do i have to find a ram stick with the same frequency and cas latency...
  18. S

    Mobile within 10k budget

    Hi guys, please suggest me a mobile within strict 10k with below features: 1. Good battery backup(at least one day backup with average use). 2. 4.5 inch+ screen size. 3. No excess heat. 4. Expandable memory. 5. Dual sim(optional) Thanks for the help guys.
  19. anky

    Replacing CD Drive with SSD in HP G6

    Hi Guys, I have HP G6-2005AX, i want to replace my CD drive with SSD. Is it possible? If yes then can that be used in PC also in future?
  20. tkin

    Any feedback on

    Hey guys, I just came up on this site: * They are providing buybacks directly as well as through Amazon and Snapdeal. They gave a quote of 8k on my LG G2, which is pretty close to the 10k I was thinking. The best thing is that unlike OLX I won't have to deal with idiots...
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