URGENT! Need earphones.BUdget - 2000


Hi Guys,

Need earphones for around rs 2000 for bday on 3rd march to gift to myself! :p

Need to order today itself.

Which type of earphones should i buy.
1. IN ear wired earphones, or
2. IN ear wireless headphones.

does wired have better qaulity over wireless?

Usage - In Gym, while travelling.
Should have good base and clear sound.

Plese guys, its a request to respond as soon as possible.


Soundmagic E10. Build quality is great. Metal build. Feels sturdy. The case is pretty solid too. And even though they have a metal build, they are still not heavy. I've been using them for 4-5 hours straight everyday and my ears don't hurt at all. The sound quality is fantastic. If you want a balanced combination of bass and treble then these are perfect. These are SOMEWHAT sound isolating. On the whole I'm am very happy with them.


i have been using soundmagic es18 for 3 yrs now..and these looks just like those only. I know these are awesoem but any other suggestions? what about wireless sports earphones? are they good?
Soundpeats Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset: Amazon.in: Electronic
hows this one?
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