1. Shah

    Any Digitian from Kolkata? Seeking a small favour

    Hey guys, A scammer from Kolkata is misusing the photos of some guy to scam people online. This guy seems to be working in television media. I have uploaded the pics of him here and here. I'd like to inform him about the scammer and the misuse of his photos. I have scammer's address, bank...
  2. sumit05

    Suggest a phone under 8k

    Guy please suggest a phone.
  3. T

    Witcher 3 Redeem code

    Hi guys, Recently bought an Asus GTX970 on 30th May from my local hardware guy. But didn't get any game redemption code. Could you plz advice me on how to get the same. Already queried the hardware guy and told me he will try to get some info about it. The GPU was imported by Rashi but...
  4. B

    Negative Experience To hell with Flipkart and Carrier ACs

    I purchased a Carrier 1 ton split AC from Flipkart for Rs 26000 and it got delivered last Monday. Everything went downhill from there. The installation guy came after a couple of days, opened a flap on the side of the box and said that the copper pipe's missing. Called Flipkart and they said...
  5. R

    When can I post in Bazaar?

    I've been viewing digit forum for a looong time now but decided to register not very long ago... I have some items I need to sell and bash that guy selling his 2 yo 7970 for 14k (like wtf), so when can I post in the Bazaar section?
  6. Desmond

    [Breaking] Person beaten up by police in public in Bangalore, strapped to pole.

    A guy posted this on /r/india about four hours ago. Ppl from bangalore, What happened to this guy? : india Rumor is that this guy raped someone and the police did this. No comments from the police so far. Pics might be graphic: This was tweeted to the Commissioner of Police Bangalore...
  7. GamerSlayer

    A viable option to drift away from IIT?

    To begin with, I am an Indian HATER.... you know, in terms of the education system. I mean, it's really a dump. I am a guy who has always fancied getting the hell out of India for higher studies. So now, my mind has totally drifted away due to a conversation with a few people. I feel SAT is a...
  8. B

    Buying a Laser Printer

    I have an old HP Laser Printer, HP 1020: I bought it about five years ago for about Rs 7K. I...
  9. suarezian

    [For Sale] Seagate 500GB External Hard Disk

    1. *Model number and details:Seagate Barracuda 500GB 2. *Date of purchase:I bought it from another guy, he said it was purchased around September 2012, I purchased it on September 4 2013 3. Reason for sale:Collecting money for a new phone :D 4. Warranty details:No warranty 5. *Expected Price:Rs...
  10. varunparakh

    [USED]PS3 40GB 2 Year old not modded

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy a seconds PS3, i have some-one selling his PS3 at 9k, its almost 2 years old, but in a ok'ish condition. Looking for inputs, whether to buy it or not, i'll look to play Fifa13/14 on it for the next season. PS3 & a wireless controller with charging cable is what he is...
  11. B

    Help !!! Duplicate WD Black Internal HDD ??

    Hi Guys, I got a new WD Black 1TB Internal hard Drive from Lamington Road, Mumbai. As my Seagate HDD was crashed and i had read many neagtive reviews for the Seagate drives, i planned to go for WD Black Drive which has a higher warrant/support period. When i was buying the HDD, i asked...
  12. N

    Cooler Master 311 query about HDD clips

    Hi, I just got a CM 311 and I didn't receive the clip that keeps the HDDs mounted in place. However, now that I am checking the manual, it says the "tool-free kit" is only available with 311 Plus. So the regular 311 version requires screwing of the HDDs? The problem is that I got it assembled...
  13. R

    motherboard query

    My 20 day old ASUS mbd date and time is not showing properly, so i take it to service centre. centre guy said that it is repairable not replaced and if it is beyond repair then it should replaced. is the service centre guy said correct or i should force them for replacement.
  14. J

    Help psu fan not spinning

    I got a replacement power supply. The new model of the GS600. The fan spins when I power the system on but then stops. I called up corsair and the guy said that the newer model of the GS600 has automatic fan control and that it will automatically spin when the psu crosses a certain...
  15. JojoTheDragon

    Meet the new guy

    Meet the new guy, :D
  16. 6Diablo9

    Copy/pasting in software that does not support copy/paste.

    I was given a small data entry job in which I had to type 134 pages and I had to do this in a specific software. Problem is that I typed almost 79 pages in MS-Word and I came to know that the software which that guy gave me does not support Copy/Paste. Is there any way I can copy the text from...
  17. ajai5777

    Mobiles you have owned

    My list 2005 - Samsung SGH C200 (my first ever mobile) 2006 - Nokia 3230 2007 - Nokia 6233 (Used four years!) 2011 - Nokia C5 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Y (I'm a samsung guy again)
  18. G

    LCD Screen Cleaning

    Hi guys, Can you guys recommend / explain how to clean the LCD panels (TV and Monitor)? I googled, but not clear enough. Any Good product available in market? I checked with Samsung service guy, he told me to use mineral water sprinkled in a dry cloth and clear... but not sure to go...
  19. The Sorcerer

    Wall Street India Journal Vinay Rai interviewed- and nicknames him "Censorship Crusader"

    As much I feel bad and feel hurt by certain comments people make on individuals, genders, religion, nationality, etc. censorship the freedom of speech is a bigger evil IMHO. Amol Sharma and Preetika Rana, both who write for Wall Street Journal, interviewed the person who filed a lawsuit...
  20. U

    Wattage of iBall JSW 252?

    Hello friends After the power supply, that had come with HP machine, stopped working, I called up a guy who assembles PC and he replaced my old PSU with iBall JSW 252. It is working fine. Recently i changed my machine with i5-2320, Intel DH67CL and 4 GB. PSU is working without any problem. Now...
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