Mobiles you have owned


My list

2005 - Samsung SGH C200 (my first ever mobile)
2006 - Nokia 3230
2007 - Nokia 6233 (Used four years!)
2011 - Nokia C5
2012 - Samsung Galaxy Y (I'm a samsung guy again)


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Nokia 1100

Nokia 1110


LG C2500


Nokia 2626

Nokia N79
[First smartphone.Till date its my best ever.Camera was awesome.:)]
Micromax Q50

Nokia 5233

Nokia X1-O1

I don't recall the exact date of purchase.

P.S-Now I've only nokia 5233 & X1-01 with me.
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2009 samsung m2710 beat edition (my first phone)
2010- samsung s5620 monte (loved it)
2011- blackberry curve 9300 (current)


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NOKIA 1010


NOKIA 1110


LG Optimus One

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Samsung R220
Sony J7
One of those Cheapo Nokia phones at the time
Nokia 6600
o2 xdaII Mini
SE W880
Asus P320

I lost intest in cellphones after nokia 6600 TBH.


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K500i (2006)
some samsung cute phone (2006)
1110 (using till now) 2008)
moto w270 (2009)
some LG RD cheapo white screen (dad got it as a gift)
2 3110c of different colors
SE hazel (2011, till now) My first new phone


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Here are the cell phones in chronological order :D

Samsung r220(2004-2005)

Reliance LG crappy model(don't remember,used coz Reliance had an offer of 5000 sms for 100Rs :D)(2005-2007)


Samsung 3530(used for free std calls Reliance to Reliance)(2008-2010)

Nokia 2600(Currently using this after my W910i went kaput :( ) (2010 till now)


2005 - Nokia 3310
2007 - Nokia N73
2008 - Nokia 5610 Express Music
2009 - Nokia 5800 Express Music
2011 - Samsung Galaxy S Plus


First phone-old nokia n72(stolen)
nokia 3110c
nokia 6300- watered
motorola rockr z6-buttons came out,sold
nokia 6208c -gave it to mom
samsung galaxy 3 - currently using

last 4 years phones


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^K750i, one true gem :wub:

The moment i realize the true potential of Sony and it's cam, is one of the best. Sadly it fell down and broken into pieces. So gone for LG GU220, but to my surprise GU220's battery lasted for 3 days with medium usage.. :shock:

Still my brother is using GU220 and getting some good battery life, may be a bug? :D
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