Negative Experience To hell with Flipkart and Carrier ACs


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I purchased a Carrier 1 ton split AC from Flipkart for Rs 26000 and it got delivered last Monday. Everything went downhill from there. The installation guy came after a couple of days, opened a flap on the side of the box and said that the copper pipe's missing. Called Flipkart and they said that they would get the issue solved within 48 hours. After a couple of days they again called up and said that I should ask the installation guy to bring the copper pipe, pay for it myself and send the bill to Flipkart to get it reimbursed. Next day the installation guy tells me that the service center head of Carrier is not agreeing to this and says that the unit should be returned to the dealer! I try to contact this guy but each time someone says that he's busy and gives another number that's also unreachable! Then, on Monday, I get a call from Flipkart and this customer care girl says that I should purchase the copper pipe myself! This really blew my lid- how and where the hell am I supposed to go buy this damn pipe! I shouted at her and told her to fix this or refund my money! Then she calls up after a few minutes and says that she spoke to some area manager of Carrier and he will contact me within 48 hours. No response for 2 days. Called Flipkart again today and now they tell me that "the service request is cancelled and they will need to raise another service request" which will be fulfilled in , you guessed it, 48 hours! At this point I've had enough and told him to just refund my money and take back this stupid ac. Let's hope that doesn't take an indefinite period of time again!

TLDR: Never gonna make any big purchases from Flipkart again. Better to spend some extra money than die of high blood pressure! And Carrier can go to hell too!


Yeah, I never buy super expensive 3rd person installation stuff from online retailers.
Its always a co-ordination fail with them and the reseller.


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Carrier service has always been a pain in the a$$ but now they are just showing no respect towards customer. If they want that customer should buy from a local dealer they should provide every city with one dealer and also keep a check on price.
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