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Wall Street India Journal Vinay Rai interviewed- and nicknames him "Censorship Crusader"

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
As much I feel bad and feel hurt by certain comments people make on individuals, genders, religion, nationality, etc. censorship the freedom of speech is a bigger evil IMHO.

Amol Sharma and Preetika Rana, both who write for Wall Street Journal, interviewed the person who filed a lawsuit against Google and Facebook (and giving him a colourful nickname).

Before we say anything, remember one thing. In a way Vinay Rai himself admits that he doesn't really know how the internet/social media works and he hasn't tried to do something that many did.

It is the right of every Indian citizen to voice his/her opinion against what he deems objectionable.
And yet he says:
I did not deem it appropriate to approach foreign companies myself.

Like many incompetent people online, he never heard of a "Report Button".

and this is what he said later:
I’m not too active on social media. I registered on Facebook over 2 years ago but deactivated my account a few months later. This was because my inbox was flooded with external applications, requests and games sent by unknown users via the website. Since I wasn’t too familiar with the content, I deactivated my account.
A guy who doesn't know anything about social media and obviously doesn't know how the internet works- or even attempt to know about it is the same guy who sued the internet. I mean- what???

Meanwhile Indian Government has started censoring the internet as a satirical website cartoonsagainstcorruption.com that is hosted in BigRock has been forced to shut down because they didn't like it.
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