1. ax3

    google cloud !!!

    hi, have uploaded a file on google cloud free storage using my gmail acc ... now want to share this file to my frd ... if i share the link, will he be also able to access my gmail account ??? Thanx
  2. ramakanta

    Rediffmail's New Look

    Rediffmail's New Look (Rediffmail FlatUI) Very very faster than Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo mail. but unfortunately this service only for new user
  3. lywyre

    [Req Help] Switching from Godaddy Workspace Email to GMail

    Hi, Our company is having the domain and email both serviced by Godaddy. We are frequently having issues with email services. Despite their commercials saying that they have world class support, they are shoddy and novice at best. Our boss has decided enough is enough and lets switch to...
  4. N

    What do we expect after Google has changed its logo from Gmail and Youtube

    Can we expect change of Gmail and Youtube logo after Google has changed its Logo?
  5. ax3

    download gmail !!!

    hi, i want to download certain mails (not all) from gmail via outlook ... any1 knows how to ??? thanx
  6. abhigeek

    BJP leader wants Gmail, Yahoo to be declared as 'untrustworthy' for citizens

    Source Tarun Vijay, Seriously?
  7. A

    freeware which confirms to me that my email sent to someone has been seen by that person

    please suggest for gmail and somewhere about STREAK -is it safe
  8. ©mß

    Forgot password.

    I recently(3 months ago XD) changed my friend's gmail password because some other guy who too knew her facebook and gmail password was checking out my and her conversation. So I changed both the passwords(as she was in tuition) and asked her to immediately change them as soon she reaches home...
  9. anarchy0x

    How to permanently save contacts (from android phone)

    I am saving contacts to gmail in my android phone but not seeing those contacts in my gmail, am I going wrong somewhere, is it not possible to oo that?
  10. Raaabo

    Gmail outage

    About 00:30 on 25th Jan, Gmail went down. More about this when we know something.
  11. ankush28

    get free lifetime access to Google, google+ and Gmail and Limited free access to FB with airtel

    Get free official access to Google, Gmail, G+ and Facebook with airtel. Source
  12. Desmond

    Indian government to ban US based email services for official communications.

    Cyberspying: Government may ban Gmail for official communication Source : Cyberspying: Government may ban Gmail for official communication - The Times of India Makes sense?
  13. esumitkumar

    You requested a new Facebook password ~~Help!

    Hi Every 5-10 days, I receive this mail in my gmail inbox " You requested a new Facebook password".. I know some of my friend is trying to gain access to my fb account..How do I track his IP using gmail headers ? or any other hint to know his location ? Rgds Sumit
  14. V

    Contacts Sync

    I'm using an andriod and Nokia Phone. Now I want to transfer my contacts from android to my nokia E63 phone. Wanting to backup my contacts, i synced my android contacts to my gmail contacts. Now, i synced the gmail contacts using SYNC to my nokia e63. All my contacts are now available in my...
  15. aaruni

    Using gmail for outgoing mail from SMF

    I am using SMF 2.0.2 and want to change the mail settings to make it send mail through a gmail account created just for this purpose. So far, whatever I try, sending mail through smtp has not been possilbe. help please. help please...
  16. N / Have you used it ??

    Many may already know about the launch of from Microsoft. What is A new web based email service intended to replace Live Mail / Hotmail / MSN and other Microsoft email services and bring them under one roof. It works with any previous Microsoft ID...
  17. gdebojyoti

    Gmail problem - a really weird one!

    I just came across this very unusual problem in GMail. I received a mail from Digit. I can see the first line of the email in the subject line (in GMail home page). But when I click the mail, the contents do not show! :o Only the "Dear Sir" can be seen!! :o Clicking on "show hidden...
  18. T

    Google acquires Sparrow, the Apple-focused email app maker

    Sparrow has just announced that it has been acquired by Google. The company’s team will be integrated within the Google Gmail team. Sparrow has long been noted as a great third-party email app for both the Mac and iOS, specifically on the iPhone. The application has a unique user interface that...
  19. R

    Emergency galaxy s2 locked

    Hey guys my galaxy S2 is locked bcz of attempting too many patterns. I had turned off Wifi and Data packet in the settings before lock. The next step is to enter Gmail account but it doesnt even check as internet is off,just replies Invlaid Username/Password. Is there any way how i can...
  20. go4saket

    Recover Sent Mails from Gmail Server?

    Hello friends! I am on Win XP using Outlook Express to access my emails. Today I accidently deleted all my sent mails and then compacted all folders thereby automatically deleting the backup of sent mail also. As those mails are of high importance to me, is there a way to download all those...
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