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BJP leader wants Gmail, Yahoo to be declared as 'untrustworthy' for citizens

The Indian government has already banned third party email servers Gmail and Yahoo in government offices, stating security concerns. Now, BJP MP Tarun Vijay has urged the government to declare these sites untrustworthy and ban them for private citizens as well

He further added that government should also impose a ban on use of social media sites in offices too. Even personal emails shouldn't be allowed on Gmail, Yahoo and such foreign-based email service providers, he said, adding, "These email services should be declared 'untrustworthy' for common citizens also.

Tarun Vijay, Seriously?


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So, let me guess

Gmail>Yahoomail>Outlook>>>>>Facebook>Google+>Twitter>Tumblr>Reddit>>>>>>>Wikipedia>Quora>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and finally Internet?


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seems 'inspiration' from china was also taken. although some concerns appear to be not without reason, but i don't think such a move will take shape.

P.S. - seeing Tarun Vijay after a long time.

P.S. 2 - there seems to be some discrepancy in the news. other sources mention only the call for declaring these sites as 'unworthy' for the pvt. citizens, with no mention of 'ban' for them. should check out video(s) to learn more.
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See its fact that Google is using the users data and tracking users activity. But one can ban then only when they provide a may be not better but similar replacement.


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looks like one of the minister's android phone started hanging up so they decided to ban Gmail.


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Any service you use online is untrustworthy. Even this forum.
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