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I recently(3 months ago XD) changed my friend's gmail password because some other guy who too knew her facebook and gmail password was checking out my and her conversation. So I changed both the passwords(as she was in tuition) and asked her to immediately change them as soon she reaches home. She changed her "fb" password but not the gmail one.
Now after 3 months she changed her facebook password 3-4 days earlier and now have forgot what the password was. -_-
She is unable to recover the password because neither she remembers the combinations(which I changed 3 months ago) nor me of the gmail's password.
I tried recovering the gmail password but she hadn't given any security question or mobile no. or other email id.
Now is there any hope of getting the password back? :/


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Gmail has a recovery feature in which you can state few things such as the frequent contacts, last time accessed, etc. to recover your account.


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Yes, it asks a loong list of question covering your usage since account creation.

Even though after reading those questions you might feel like you don't know most of them, but try to answer them as close as possible.

I did that when I had to recover a friend's mail id which was secured with 2 step verification and the no as well as the password were not accessible.


I already tried answering those questions but that too didn't work.

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Any other way??
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