1. C

    Need Tempered glass for Oneplus 2

    I have a Oneplus two 64 GB(One of the very first units in India) I've been using for almost one and half years now. I bought an original tempered glass with the phone and it has served me well. However, a week ago, I had a minor accident, and the glass shattered. And it seems that Oneplus has...
  2. B

    Need S7 tempered glass guard and other accessories

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a tempered glass screen protector-it should cover the whole screen even the side edges on S7, a cover- not too thick and a back panel guard/lamination film. I have tried almost every link posted in several forums, even ordered from 2 but unfortunately the products...
  3. S

    Does my phone need tempered glass protector?

    I have recently purchased the Xiomi Redmi 3s, and then I purchased a flip cover which offers adequate protection. I have read that the Redmi 3S does not have Gorilla glass, but it does have "strengthened glass". I wanted to know I i need to apply any type of screen guard to my...
  4. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 Screen crack,should I have to replace the whole frontal part?

    Hello forum, Bought Redmi Note 3 few weeks ago,should have taken insurance :( ,unfortunately my screen got cracked due to the bending while riding bike. Ordered a tampered glass the crack is barely noticeable right at the corner,but still if I have some bucks I will try to repair it DIY...
  5. D

    URGENT! android 3 GB RAM, 5.5", Gorilla Glass, Full HD, Battery > 4000 mAh ,good camera ?

    What are the android dual sim phones with 3 GB RAM, 5.5 inches, Gorilla Glass, Full HD, Battery > 4000 mAh and good camera ? I live in W.B and I need a good after sale service. Any suggestion from fellow members will be deeply appreciated. It is kind of urgent. I've seen these so far. Lenevo...
  6. Zangetsu

    MasterPrix Print Your in Gorilla Glass

    Corning launches Masterpix in India, lets you print your cherished memories on Gorilla Glass Corning today announced the launch of Masterpix in India. Masterpix is a service that allows users to print photos on Gorilla Glass. Source : Corning launches Masterpix in India, lets you print...
  7. BakBob

    Screen guards thread

    Post what type of screen guard you guys prefer on your phone. Also i fail to see how tempered glass provides any more protection, addition of a sheet of glass to a sheet of glass makes no sense. I personally prefer matte guard as they are oleophobic and the phone doesn't become a 25000...
  8. Pratik Pawar

    Mobile screen types??

    guys, I am confused about the mobile screen types I hear.. AMOLED display, IPS LCD, etc. which is the better? and about the glass.. which is better, Dragontail glass, or (Corning) Gorilla glass, and will there be any difference if I buy a mobile without any of the above glass protection...
  9. M

    Asus Zenfone Glass replacement

    Hi guys. Long story short, My Asus Zenfone 4 A400CG's glass has broken down. just the glass, the touch is working fine. please suggest what to do. thanks in advance. P. S. I couldn't find any forum for Mobile parts or such, so i'm posting here. Mods, please move this thread to the...
  10. bubusam13

    Wired Nvidia 3D vision Glass

    Hi guys, where can I purchase Wired Nvidia 3D vision Glass ? I m unable to find them locally and online. Wireless is available but I need the wired one.
  11. N

    Projecting inside a car.

    I am working on an augmented reality project. I need to display information to the driver on the windshield. For that we are thinking of using a projector inside the car and using some sort of film or matte on the windshield on which we can display. I tried the rear projection transparent film...
  12. Baker

    Moto X First Gen , Glass top is broken

    Guys My Moto X first gen is fallen from hand and its glass top is broken. I contacted service centre they are estimating around 10k for replacement , But the display is fine in my phone , is there any way i can replace only the glass top..? any idea guys..?
  13. Nerevarine

    Tempered glass screen protector

    They any good ? Here's a link : FOR LG Goole Nexus 5 0 26mm Tempered Glass Screen Guard Scratch Protector | eBay - - - Updated - - - BUMPITY ? no replies ?
  14. Cyberghost

    Apple Granted a Patent of Fused Glass Housing, “Full Glass iPhone possible”

    Apple has known for giving great designs for users while compromising the hardware capability. But Apple’s hardware team has to work with the materials available to them, which ultimately means devices encased in multiple parts fitted together–typically a mix of glass, plastic, and metal...
  15. Desmond

    FBI Drags Google Glass Man From Theater on Piracy Fears

    Source : FBI Drags Google Glass Man From Theater on Piracy Fears | TorrentFreak
  16. H

    Google Glass rooted and hacked to run Ubuntu live at Google I/O Mobile

    Google Glass rooted and hacked to run Ubuntu live at Google I/O
  17. Flash


    How not to use Google Glass Mashable's video is going viral everywhere. :mrgreen: Google changed the way we search; Instead of saying "Search in Google", we say "Just Google". Just as Google, there's a new word created with the Google's glass... Check it for yourself - Urban Dictionary...
  18. H

    Sensors on Google Glass (info gleaned from source code)

    Sensors on Google Glass | The Code Artist Visit the site for the rest :)
  19. C

    Google releases specifications of google glass

    Google has released official specs of google glass- 12 GB Storage synced with google cloud storage Display equivalent to viewing a 25 inch hd display from 8 feet 5mp camera 720p video recording bluetooth and wifi can be used with android 4.0.4 and above built in battery to last full day of use...
  20. S

    HP Scanner G4010 glass broken - Help Pls Urgent

    Hi Friends, The glass of Hp G4010 scanner has broken (cracked) by mistake on one side towards bottom. As a result all the pages scanned have broken lines on them. I spoke to HP warranty India and since it’s out of warranty; they do not support it. Outside warranty they don’t sell...
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