Need S7 tempered glass guard and other accessories


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Hi Guys,

I am looking for a tempered glass screen protector-it should cover the whole screen even the side edges on S7, a cover- not too thick and a back panel guard/lamination film. I have tried almost every link posted in several forums, even ordered from 2 but unfortunately the products were stopped by customs and they asked for $100 for a product with a price of $8. Are there any products available on ecommerce websites in India which meet my requirements?



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I just came across this site called Gadgets Protector, Mobile Screen Protector India – Gadgets Protector – Mobile Scratch Guard | Screen Protector for Mobile, Tablet and Smart Watc

Don't know, but these are not expensive and seems have good reviews. 2.5D will always need a full frontal body on to fit perfectly and these guys seem to cover that. Check it out.

There is also Intelliarmor, no idea about availability.
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