1. Desmond

    WTF - Six-year-old rape victim ordered to wed rapist's 8-year-old son

    WTF did I just read? What sort of a punishment is that? Source : *
  2. Flash

    Social Networking - Is it getting addictive?

    Social networking is getting crazier and addictive. Why can't people have everything under their control?
  3. theserpent

    Girls attacked in Mangalore

    WHY THE HELL are these bl&*^*^*&^dy groups given power,who gave them power to slap at those girls, for pics and source : Mangalore: Activists Barge into Party at Resort, Thrash Girls Shamed to call my self a mangalorean :( :@
  4. A

    Girls and geeks....(Branched off from the thread on girls on TDF)

    I was reading this thread a little: * and some of the stuff I found was....unnerving. Maybe it's because most of the users here are very young, but a few things I really want to clarify are listed below: 1) Yes, there...
  5. Neo

    just wondering.....

    i was just wondering why there are no girls in here? Lol.
  6. K

    Girls only

    Gadgets like Smart Phones, iPads and many others rule lives today. A question for GIRLS : Has any of these Gadgets brought good or bad to you ? your life ? Has it changed your lives for better or for worse ? I believe many of the so called surveys are BUNKUM, hence this direct question to...
  7. D

    What is Nityanand

    Source :- * If you are with one girl, then it's ANAND. If you are with 2 girls, it's MAHANAND. If you are with 3 girls, its PARAANAND. If you are with many girl, the it's NITYANAND
  8. P

    Nokia 7230 Slider

    One more slider phone from Nokia, its named 7230, its a slider phone with a 3MP camera, check out the features * , this phone suits girls more than guys I feel :-)
  9. Krow

    How many girls are there in TDF?

    How many females exist in this geeky abode of ours? Any idea? :D
  10. jxcess3891

    Any girls in TDF?

    Are there any girls here? Pls respond.
  11. Ecstasy

    New threat from Muthalik "Ram sena"... bahhh

    Hello guys, This dude is on the front page yet again for the wrong reasons. This time he is threating our "amchi mumbai ki ladkiyon ko". This guy has the audacity to threaten other states girls as well now. Check it out ---> Source -Mumbai Mirror - Mumbai girls Ram Sene's new target, News -...
  12. B

    Guys Beware!!! Don't ever take girls of this sort too seriously ...

    Guys Beware!!! Hi friends, i am a thinkdigit regular, but i am posting under an temporary ID for reasons that you soon understand. And like most of the TDians (Read "Do you have a girlfriend thread"), though i am aware of the workings of the world, i am quite naive and inexperienced when...
  13. gaurav_indian

    Two minor girls married off to frogs

    Two minor girls married off to frogs * Mera bharat mahaan.;)
  14. Quiz_Master

    Suggest some dance tracks please!

    Going straight to point, There is this Annual Talent Contest in my college (Its a biig deal). And I am taking part in it under- Solo Dance Performance catagory (Perfect chance to flirt with Drama Club girls and BBA/MBA Girls). :D The professor incharged for contest wants me to dance on a...
  15. Sathish

    True Love.. Does it only come along once in lifetime

    What do u mean with "true love".. is it true...(for both boys and girls)
  16. T

    School Uniform

    Can anyone suggest what colour of uniform should be prescribed by a school for both boys and girls in india. IF Red Checked Skirt for girls THEN Will BLACK full pant for boys work ? Please suggest
  17. gary4gar

    Is this right to hit back a Women by man, if she hits him

    I was reading this topic, where a Girl slap a boy for no reason on a TV show. the boy slapped back and then whole crowd around decided to become a Hero and started beating poor boy. all of them just trying to make a impression infront of girl some people have a view that guys should NOT...
  18. iatb.gourav

    Sub 2k Phones ...

    My budget in 4 - 4.5k. And I need to buy 2 phones in that ! I don't necessarily need to spend all my budget. So, I'll be happy to save as much in my budget. My only requirement is Good Looks (as both the phones will be used by girls). Please advise which models should I consider...
  19. F

    Uthappa,Kartik & Yuvraj eagrly watching a Girls back..Hilarious Pic

  20. drgrudge

    Why Do Gorgeous Girls Marry Messed up Guys?

    Source Copy - pasting a part of the article... Read on... What you people think? Isn't it 99% true? Even in our family circles, things like this has happened 2-3 times. This is what I think.... Guys (and gals) are a part of a tree. Mostly the good (good character), taste (I hate our...
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