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  1. maheshn

    Negative Experience Flipkart's "Payzippy" causing severe issues

    Hello all, Sharing today's experience on FK - Have been a FK user from the time they sold only books. Did not have major issues with the site till today.... Was ordering a mobile (On7) for a friend. Opted for online payment, with netbanking. The site redirected me first to a...
  2. I

    "Facebook’s Gateway Drug"

    Why Facebook.org isn't as great as its made out to be - http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/03/opinion/sunday/evgeny-morozov-facebooks-gateway-drug.html?_r=0 And a supporting article - Digital Technologies And The Future Of Data Capitalism
  3. R

    How to access device with static IP address?

    At my work place my friend has a system with IP How can I access this system from my laptop connecting a lan cable. I probably have to change my IP to static, what about the default gateway and DNS server settings. Any advice would be helpful
  4. rakz

    Access outside LAN while connected through wireless router.

    Following is the topology of my network... My router gets a IP (DHCP) from my ISP by connecting via PPPoE. Router Gateway is My PC's LAN ip is set via DHCP to and gateway as In this case how do I access my Friend's...
  5. V

    Serious problem with IPCop firewall

    Hello guys! I am new on the forum, so i hope this was right section to post. I have asked this question in the IPCop forums almost 15 days back and not yet received any response. In my office, i have an IPCop v2.0 firewall installed on a dedicated machine, with Copfilter. Suddenly, I...
  6. tanmaymohan

    WIFI + Router + Phone

    Hey Guys I have a MTNL 2mbps broadband connection with modem : 410TC1 which is in turn connected to my PC and my Nano Wifi Router TP-LINK WR702N. through this i am able to access internet on all wifi enabled devices in my home. But i would like to know how to share files between the PC and...
  7. nikku_hot123

    Help in adding payment gateway on site.

    Hi... I want to add a payment gateway so that to receive fund from my clients on website. Can anybody help me regarding this?
  8. balakrish

    SMS gateway

    Hi friend! I wanna create my own online sms site. But I stuck with something. That is, i got an open source gateway called kannel But what I want to know is,what are the key ingredients for an online sms service. I mean the stuff i want to create online sms-ing service. Do i have to have a deal...
  9. paroh

    Mtnl Default gateway

    As my Mtnl Default gateway is . I am getting very slow speed while browsing even the speed test i am getting very slow speed. I want to know if u are using mtnl broadband in delhi through which gateway u are connecting and are u getting the promised speed
  10. MetalheadGautham

    Gateway and eMachines Systems comming to INDIA!!!!!!!!!!

    Acer is bringing in Gateway line of premium systems and eMachines line of budget celeron/athlon/pentium dual core systems to India. These companies are notorious all over USA for their riddiculously low and VFM prices. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D SOURCE: Today's newspapers (The Hindu and Deccan...
  11. N

    Using separate interconnect connections at same time on same PC

    I am having 2 ADSL connections for my internet. One main connection is say A ( and other connection is say B ( Both these modems are connected to Switch. My PC is connected to Switch. All IPs are static, no DHCP. Both A and B internets are available to my PC. I...
  12. Plasma_Snake

    Broadband access thru WiFi on phone

    yes, the thread's heading tells it all. Need to connect WA3002G4 with my E51. Keep getting "Web:No Gateway Reply" whenever try to browse thru the phone. :evil:
  13. arunks

    How to send bulk sms?

    I want to send bulk sms eg. 2000 sms in one go .. What is the cheap option.. Mundusms is offering 6000sms for Rs.900 but only 100 sms can be sent in one go. Airtel sms gateway is too costlier..5000 rs. for 5000 sms.. So is there any other option? is there any other sms gateway or server or...
  14. Ecko

    Ubuntu Query : Switch Connection

    Hi Guyz I've 2 LAN connections used for connection to Internet 1 is BSNL & Other 1 is local BSNL uses dial up which I've configured using pppoeconf command The other 1 is directly connected (No Dialup required) I'm still unable to configure the other 1 so please help Also do tell how I can...
  15. mad_max

    problems with win xp's internet gateway

    ok guys here's the deal,which i'm totally clueless.. i have a dsl connection and since yesterday all my ping times are like 3+ secs,so i did a trace rout and more often than not it didn't even reach the gateway of my isp!!! and when i ran the line check from my router(prolink hurricane 9200) it...
  16. bukaida

    Sms gateway through php

    I want the sms functionality in my website.Not a traditional one but in a bit different way-- The SMS gateway should be able to identify the sender number, message and sending time. These information should be stored in a mysql database so that they can be used by other php programs. I am...
  17. sachin_kothari

    Shopping Cart + Payment Gateway

    Hi folks, I need to design a e-commerce website which will include a shopping cart and payment gateway for payment of the bills through various indian banks, paypal, etc. (as in irctc.co.in for payment of tickets). I need a script for this task in php. Thanks in advance.
  18. Plasma_Snake

    Surfing through WiFi in E51

    Yeah that's my question. Whether its a Infrastructure or Ad-Hoc access point, whether its protected by WEP key or just open access, I always get the same message, "No Gateway response":mad: What settings do I need to make for running internet on it? :confused:
  19. vikasg03

    How to check problem in my system or from BSNL!

    From last evening suddenly internet is not working. in dsl router login under diagonstic tab last three options shows FAIL status. ping is working only to default gateway. I just change my passwords of portal id. Vikas Jayanagar Bangalore
  20. baccilus

    Installing ubuntu in college computers: How do I connect to the Network?

    I have installed ubuntu 7.04 in one of the computer in my dept computer room. Through the windows computer, I found the gateway address and connected it to the main modem/ router. This connection requires only the gateway address. When I try to ping the gateway address, it is successful. In...
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