1. Anorion

    VR Video Thread

    no gyro. enjoy. sbKKZGSaSU4
  2. I

    Alternatives to the gym

    Hi all, I dont like the gym and the vain individualism it promotes. But I do like feeling strong and looking good. Any other things I could do that would give the same results but be a lot more fun?
  3. elafanto

    App made for FUN

    I am sharing few apps I found great for fun making, You can also share if you found any... 1. To change the thumbnail of image on whatsapp. * 2. Dekha Bhai App meme Generator...
  4. axelzdly1

    The best camera trigger till date?

    This device takes high speed photgraphy to the next level.. other perks included, must watch! * Kickstarter page: * Is it taking away all the fun...
  5. Anorion

    so I made a game

    and here it is : have fun
  6. RCuber

    How many Apps do you actually use?

    Google Play store is filled with loads of apps, but I wonder how many apps do you actually use on a day to day basis? for me, 3G watchdog, Wifi File Transfer (pro), Tapatalk, Reddit is Fun, Bookmyshow, Flipkart/ebay, IMDB, Google apps, Email Client(Exchange). That's the only ones I really use.
  7. Darshan Singh

    Best playable character in Borderlands 2

    Hi guys, I am playing Borderlands 2 in Single player as Salvador the Gunzerker. I want to know if changing the character class alters the gameplay in some way or not because each character has different abilities. And if yes, then which character is the most fun to play with. Thanks
  8. T

    IndieGala Bundle (Mass Effect 2 for 6$)

    Hey guys, IndieGala is having one of their sales. You'll get Mass Effect 2 if you pay more than the average , these are the bundled games: Rebuild Kill Fun Yeah Shadowgrounds Gimbal Shank 2 Zombie Driver Mass Effect 2 (5.85$ and above) Link: *
  9. anirbandd

    Tank/Mecha simulator suggestions

    Hi, can someone please guide me to some good Tank/Mecha simulators?? i got the list here: Vehicular combat game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .. the simulator should be fun though... and graphics is secondary, although it shouldnt be crappy.. Thanks :)
  10. Gollum

    Japanese Anti-Piracy Advert

    Ignore the KFC Add before the clip Fun 8-) *
  11. 2

    What will help you when you are traveling??

    Hey guys .. i have just been given a project wherein i am supposed to create a mobile application that will help people while traveling. I have trying a come up with a list of features that will help travelers. Few of the features i have thought are :- - Storing all the required documents...
  12. Anorion

    shotgun fun fun

    free, casual, no installation, sub 3 mb game, win and mac win YoYo Games | Shotgun FunFun app store
  13. theserpent

    What are the fun things do in holidays?

    I have nearly 3 months holidays,college reopens on 2 june :). So what are the fun things to do
  14. A

    Any cool fun email maker ?

    I need to create and send out birthday mail, anniversary mails etc on a daily basis.. and creating them in PowerPoint or word then importing in outlook makes the job very time consuming and tedious.. Is there any software to create cool fun mailers (static).
  15. axes2t2

    Suggest a FPS for multiplayer fun.

    Suggest a FPS for multiplayer fun. For PC ofcourse. Under 1000/- :-(. Thought of buying Black Ops but it's way too costly.Anybody know why?
  16. rhitwick

    Mumbai auto

    Its been a long time I was thinking of writing on them. I'm in Mumbai since last four years and luckily or unluckily Auto has become my main mode of commute. You see, they are so kind and I've observed so closely, I wanted to share my thought with you here. First myth breaker: THEY ARE NOT ON...
  17. V

    CTC 3 discussion

    Hi All just seen ctc iii is there on anniversary edition. have fun cracking again !!!!
  18. Faun

    Prototype 2 disucssion

    [Prototype 2] It's super fun CZ5xW-Yo720
  19. Rahim

    Merry Christmas to TDF members

    Wish you all a a happy and safe X'Mas and lots and lots of fun :D
  20. blackpearl

    Who still has Digit June 2002 Gamestation CD? I have a request

    Hello, I'm looking for a small game that was given on Digit June 2002 anniversary issue on the Gamestation CD. Unfortunately, I have lost the CD so I came looking for here. I forgot the name of the game - it was something "crime" or so. The game is this: you assume the role of a thief and...
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