How many Apps do you actually use?


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Google Play store is filled with loads of apps, but I wonder how many apps do you actually use on a day to day basis?

for me, 3G watchdog, Wifi File Transfer (pro), Tapatalk, Reddit is Fun, Bookmyshow, Flipkart/ebay, IMDB, Google apps, Email Client(Exchange). That's the only ones I really use.
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I use
ES file explorer
Titanium Backup
Cloudmagic (email client)
Timely (alarm)
Feedly (news reader)
Zooper widget
Xposed apps

Almost on a daily basis.


Quick remote


Greenify, KeePassDroid, Office Suite Pro, Titanium Backup, ES File Explorer, My Data Manager, Clean Master, Tapatalk, Whatsapp, Boat Browser, Dolphin Zero, QuickPic, MX Player, PlayerPro. I haven't mentioned the games though. :|


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I used these before loosing my andro :

Android Assistant
Flash transfer
Music app (from lenovo)
File Manager

and the launcher ofcourse. :D


Regular basis :

yahoo mail
File Commander
Opera Mini
ATP/WTA live score
App Lock ;)
MX player
English Dictionary

Occassional usage : ( mainly games ) :

Software Data cable
Clean master
Real racing 3
NFS Most wanted
Logo Quiz
Virtua Tennis


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any one know about anything like reverse tethering,
please let me know.
reverse tethering = using internet on your Mobile while using the connection of your PC


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So there was already a thread about "Must have apps". Even I made a list on my blog. But this thread seems to be different. The Apps I "actually" use. Interesting.

I guess, apps like Launcher, Dialer, Messaging, People (contacts) and Gallery (includes camera app) need not to be mentioned. Since those are by default used by everyone. So what other apps... Hmm..
So, let's see the apps I use through a fictional story (based on real events)...

I can't wake up in the morning unless the Alarm plays a random song from my list of favourite songs. So that's one. Then I need to watch what time it is when I *finally* wake up. Clock and weather widget it is. That counts as an app too.

While traveling to office I would listen to my songs on TTPod and chat with friends on WhatsApp and Telegram. I would also surf some forum on Tapatalk since it's just unavoidable.

Now I am office. I pretend to work for sometime. Then I would need some break and I would goto breakout area where I see one of my colleague have this amazing trailer of a latest movie, "Edge of Tomorrow". I just need to watch this and have it on my phone too. I would use ShareIt app to transfer the video to my phone in seconds (it uses wireless tethering to do that). I would view the video using MXPlayer on my phone. Wow the trailer is amazing and I need to make a post about it on my FB Page. So I use Pages manager to do that. I don't use Twitter or I could have used Hootsuite to update on multi platforms.

Now its lunch time. And I had forgot to check whether I published that article on my website which I was drafting late night. I would use WordPress app to make final changes and "publish" the article. I could have also uploaded any media on the web server using ConnectBot.

I can now view how my recent blog looks like on the browser like Opera or Chrome. I can also use Chrome to read articles which arrives via RSS feed like Flipboard or Appy Geek which I on the loose after lunch.

Oh dear, its month end! Did my salary came? I would quickyl check it from my bank's app. Be it ICICI or Citibank. Even Canara Bank have an app now. I left for home early since I remembered I had some shopping to do. I referred the list I made using ColorNote or a task application like Astrid to remind me of some things I have to do shopping for.

I am on the Metro platform now and want to goto a market very far. An app of DMRC Metro guides me before I get lost. (Yea, asking from people would have helped too, but I have been taught not to talk to strangers :p).

While I am traveling to the market I would play some games on my mobile. Anything like Asphalt 8 or a quick race of Subway Surfer could help me avoid the strangers I was talking about earlier. Oh wait.. did I see someone playing this good looking game I haven't seen earlier? Lets just download it through Play store and get started to break his record.

While shopping I can use my Barcode application to quickly scan and get to know the exact date of manufacture so that I don't pickup old stuff. (Mom would have loved a portable Barcode scanner when she shops. I can be a barcode scanner for her anytime now.) While I am shopping I would simply compare the prices of the stuff from online. Flipkart app it is.

Well, its about time now. Time to return home. I don't really know I can afford to catch another metro in the rush hour of evening. Lets just call a cab using an app I still have to find on Google play (cause I know there is one) and reach to my home keeping an eye on the driver, meter and Google maps. I don't want him to drive me home using the longest route, do I?

Anyway I reached home. Now which app? Well, at home I would keep my phone in one corner. I won't use any other app now since I don't need them to communicate with my family members. Enough apps for today. Maybe I would need to use more apps like Dropbox when I need to share some documents with my friend, or Endomondo, when I need to track how much calorie I burn after a quick jog, or AndChat to chat on IRC with digit forum members. For now... its the end of the day and I need some rest. Screen locked.


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Games - SS/TR2
ES File explorer
Browser .. duh
Cricbuzz (Occasionally)


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[MENTION=77264]Vyom[/MENTION] - Buddy, you really post with full emotions like none other. :thumbs:

And yeah, I'd like to kill who killed like button. :evil:


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(Not listing the default applications) (not including special purpose rarely used applications)

  1. WhatsApp (/ Telegram / BBM)
  2. Tapatalk
  3. Rediffmail (/ Yahoo Mail)
  4. Full Battery & Theft Alarm
  5. BatteryBot
  6. MPE Tasks / Simply Note / MPE Notes
  7. No Frills Calendar
  8. Tweet Lanes
  9. Firefox ( / Opera / Opera Mini)
  10. ES File Explorer (/ OI File Manager)
  11. Caller Name Talker
  12. 2G-3G OnOff
  13. Super Backup
  14. DiskUsage
  15. Clean Master
  16. System Monitor
  17. Signal Notification(free)
  18. NotiSysinfo
  19. Flipboard
  20. RedReader Beta
  21. Episodify
  22. Frequency
  23. Call Planner
  24. OI Safe
  25. KDE Connect
  26. moneycontrol
  27. PicSay
  28. OsmAnd
  29. Pushbullet
  30. QuickPic
  31. Flashlight
  32. Aldiko Reader
  33. VLC


How come no one seems to be using VLC? I have tried both the relatively stable Beta version and nightly Alphas and both are quite stable and work well for me. The ad-free experience is really peaceful.


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Thanks for overwhelming response guys. Really appreciated.
I had just returned from office yesterday when I decided to narrate my story in the form of an article on this thread. So many grammar and spelling errors ensued. I am not going to correct them :p

You don't really need 'likes' to show your appreciation. :doublethumb:


Now I am office. I pretend to work for sometime. Then I would need some break and I would goto breakout area where I see one of my colleague have this amazing trailer of a latest movie, "Edge of Tomorrow".

:lol: :rofl: Great post [MENTION=77264]Vyom[/MENTION] ! :)
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