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  1. A

    Fun and Exciting Online Games

    Here's another good game and check this fun game at Chaos Faction 2 - sequel to the classic Chaos Faction, I'm happily playing it at the moment coz it’s enjoyable and easy to play with, it's good for your kids too.
  2. vineetrok

    Telnet problem

    Hmm....I have two PC's in LAN(pc1 and pc2)...I could establish the telnet connection between them.(I can brows through pc2's fileystem).... My problem is that I have a c program that I want to compile on pc2 using telnet on pc1. I know no one uses telnet nowadays, but I'm trying this just for...
  3. abhi.eternal

    Need professional career help : PG

    My gf completed her MSc (Bio-Tech) and is now working in EnY. She wanted to take up IPR but Intellecture , one of the best training providers in India, said it is a bad idea as hardly anyone gets through in the first attempt and usually needs more than three attempts. She has become...
  4. Gigacore

    Happy Birthday Rockstar11, shantanu and others..

    Happy birthday guys! Have fun! :)
  5. arpanmukherjee1

    software on review

    hello people, i just recently made up a C# program for "DUPLICATE FILE REMOVER" (just 4 fun) but my fun was crushed when this came up ContextSwitchDeadlock was detected Message: The CLR has been unable to transition from COM context 0x213c40 to COM context 0x213db0 for 60 seconds. The...
  6. M

    unsubscribe from 55382 jokes

    hey guys, i subscribed for a jokes service on 55382. (send SUB FUN to 55382) But the jokes are of the non-veg variety. I want to unsubscribe from the service now but don't know how to do it. I've tried googling it, but in vain. sending UNSUB FUN to 55382 doesn't work. The service charges...
  7. maxmk

    Microsoft's Server busy......lol..just for fun

    Hello everyone.. just checkout following image (Only for fun)..
  8. MetalheadGautham

    How To Become A Hacker

    This is an all time great book most of you HAVE to read just for the fun of it. Its written by Eric S Raymond. http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html :D
  9. Disc_Junkie

    What to do to save yourself from ragging in colleges?

    Hey I am in XII Sc and want to get admission to an Engineering college but I am afraid of different types of ragging starting from making fun to stripping of clothes in hostels. Please help and give me a remedy ....
  10. M

    Whattz ur plan?

    ... a place to discuss your career plans. What do you want to be? I'll start. I want to be a video game tester. it'll be fun & cool... Are there any courses or institutes that i can join?
  11. aditya1987

    Google Image Labeler

    Google Image Labeler!! Very Addictive!! Anyone tried this before? http://images.google.com/imagelabeler/ thing is kool and fun! Sorry if its old, i only just discovered it.
  12. din

    Mobile phone with 3G + EDGE + Wi-Fi Possible under 12K ?

    OK, do not make fun of me (you are not supposed to make fun of very old people :D) if this is not possible. Requirement - Mobile phone with 3G + EDGE + Wi-Fi No - to Nokia ! Do not ask me why, I do not like Nokia. Too much used to SE. Is it possible to get such a mobile phone around 12K...
  13. N

    close a website

    guys this website seems to hurt others feelings. making fun of VIP's my personal request, plz remove this website. www.jancastle.com that guy is making fun of others and he is saying as his improvement in grahphics, which is also a hurt to others. plz do the needy.
  14. B

    hello all

    hi, am new to this site. i recently became a member here, nice looking forum here. hope that my stay will be fun

    Google Fight !!!

    With google fight you can see which results gets the most hits. It's fun to compare : http://www.googlefight.com EXAMPLE: Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Chuck wins by 200,000 Sex is winning with beer for over 700 milions google vs. yahoo google wins by 170.000.000. ~~~ SO...
  16. CadCrazy

    Cross Platform Benchmarking Softwares

    Guys I want to compare PC performance for both Linux and Windows (just for fun :D). Please suggest me some benchmarking softwares available both on linux and windows.
  17. ray|raven

    Pie Dock.

    Just stumbled upon this, We all know of docks and recently 3d-docks thanks to apple and awn, Here's something that quite different. A PieDock. You can even try how it feels like using, with this demo here http://markusfisch.de/downloads/PieDockDemo/ Website:http://markusfisch.de/?PieDock...
  18. Gigacore

    Co-Education, must or not?

    Well my friend was arguing as the Co-Education sucks coz he is studying in boys college :rolleyes: I was all for Co-Education. So thought bring this discussion here in this forum. What I feel is co-education rocks. We'll not just have fun, but competition will develop as well. So everyone...
  19. skghosh44

    Children's Fun web sites

    A few days back I found two websites for school going children. I found both the web sites is full of fun as well as some excitment to get something. Both are from India's well known company's. 1) TINKLE 2) CANDYMAN. I think the members of this forum who are school going will like the web sites...
  20. dhanusaud

    N73 or E51

    Hello guys, I am confused between N73 & E51. Let me know which one is better for fun?
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