1. ionicsachin

    abit ip35-e or msi neo2-fr

    both these cards are equally good. But the problem is ip35-e comes at ram voltage 1.8v default.i ve bought corsair twin2x1024 5400C4..which works at 1.9 volts.i kno that this can be tweaked frm bios but how can i get into bios when comp doesnt start. also i ve bought e8200 which requires bios...
  2. krishnandu.sarkar

    Free E-book site

    Hey...............can any1 here plz tell me a site frm where I can download e-books for free...........................
  3. A

    Is buying an unlocked iphone with the latest firmware wise?

    i'm in dire need of the iphone. is it safe enuff to buy an unlocked version here in india? or if i ask sum1 to get it frm US n get it unlocked here will it get unlocked even after being revised with the lastest firmware?as i heard they've blocked the unlocking stuff too. n how much will it...
  4. M

    Getting a error msg the "Virtual Memmory Low" -reg

    hi mates, well, i m in trouble while downloading with my Lappy - LG Xnote RD400. that, i havint maid any partition in my 160gb HD. and having 1gb ddr. i used to dwnload a lot of study meterials frm net. now my HD got filled 90gb out of 160. now, whenever i am trying to download some...
  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    any site accepts to buy frm cell balance ??

    any site accepts to buy frm cell balance ?? i hv 8562 /- balance in my cell usin airtel prepaid... any site offer to buy frm cell ??? or any 1 intrstd to buy my sim ??? im frm hyd..
  6. Voldy

    Dragonball movie related news

    Hello friends i got some news frm a few sites which have the latest pics frm the sets of live action Dragonball movie and news related to Movie cast .In the movie four more actors has joined the cast and they r Emmy Rossum (girl frm the day after tommorow) for Bulma ,Heroes" actress Eriko Tamura...
  7. B

    Need buying advice

    Hi frnds, I am looking forward to buy the following. Could you please give the quotations for each and which company shd i go 4?? I reside in Mumbai.. In case u feel like givng my ny additional advice plz continue.. 1. Planning to get Xbox 360 Elite.. Ny views on it.. compared to PS3 2...
  8. pritish_kul2

    Can i remove sound

    How can i remove sound frm some parts of a video clip?
  9. krishnandu.sarkar

    Make Multiple Boot DVD

    hiiiiiiiiiiii..............can i burn a multiple boot DVD........such as WINDOWS LIVE CD n UBCD[given on Dec DVD] in one DVD.....such dat it when i will try to boot frm d will ask me to choose b/w these two............Is it possible...........????
  10. M

    Help me buy a Digital Camera and Camcorder

    Hi guys, wazzup?? I need a bit help... i wanna buy a Digital Camera and a camcorder.... I have shortlisted some Digital Camera: Panasonic DMC Fz8, Sony DSC H7 & maybe Panasonic FZ18 I read on tat the best of all is FZ8 ny other suggestions are invited Camcorder: Would...
  11. T

    w950i? shuld i go for it?

    W950i-9.7k(w/o bill) just noticed this WOW! this is a huge price drop i think when did this price change occur? also is it still in SE productioN? are there any specific probs with this cell? are there any probs with buying frm grey market? any existing users of this cell pls also share ur...
  12. M

    Urgent advice regarding mobile!!!!

    I had an o2 mini s mobile which got scrwed....... it wasnt under warranty bought frm a frnd who brought it frm uk.... Now i bought it for 19k..and now frm past 1 year it was in my dustbin(cupboard) gave it for repairs....the guys says some ic is scrwed and it will cost 3.5k...
  13. M

    need a dvd to vcd converter- reg

    hi friends, be kind to share a dvd to vcd conveter. I m having some dvds. if I m gettingi can make them to watch frm my home vcd player naa. be kind to help. thanking u.
  14. 100.dx

    Im Switching To NOKIA 5700 Plzz Tell Me..This..

    i m switching to nokia 5700 on this dhanteras i know all gud things abt nokia 5700 but i dont know his negative points plss tell me. in connection i decided switch to idea frm airtel airtel also sucks yesterday i dwd theme frm airtel live wap. when i click 2 dwd it shows link nt avaliabel this...
  15. D

    scard worm??alerter.exe???

    evrytime i start windows "alerter.exe" is loaded..its resukting a performance loss of my do i remove this worm??only information i cud get online is tht frm symantec..ny other AV tool to remove it?? i currently use avast!...
  16. M

    Airtel cheaper plans???

    Well guys i m on airtel lifetime prepaid card...and i m on daqily decrement scheme.....becoz of which 1.5 rs deduct frm my account daily but i get all calls at 99 paise.....earlier when it was introduced it was 49 paise but after enrolling in 3 months they showed their color.......are their any...
  17. azzu

    The Andhries

    Started dis thread for the Digtians frm A.P common ..........
  18. M

    need a software to use to sing with karoake

    hi, I need a software, wh lightly act as the mixer and to adjust eco and trouble, frm a live sound. jst to give practice to my sis to sing, as she like to sing. be kind to provide some freeware too. and also, someone knw abt a software, frm which, we can remove vocal track frm a...
  19. A

    Annoying Problem...Help wantde!

    Annoying Noise frm inside de hood...?!!? i have had this cool n quiet config 4 around 6 months, E6300, 946GZIS, Mercury 400OPSU n Cabinet, Until recently, there seems 2 be dis strange motor like noise coming frm sumwhere inside whenever i switch on my PC. i chacked all the fans, the CPU...
  20. tinku dhar

    DIGIT Fellas i need ya help (MY DVD/CD WRITER not workin)

    Well ... , guys i have seens thie prob frm quite a while now ... my SONY DVD/CD WRiter does'nt work after few days .... it reads DVD / CD all typo but it does'nt Write/BURN any .... dunno wats the prob but frm today its showin BAD sign now ... :( since it works after formatin soooo i...
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