1. P

    3d desktop

    i have a pc with gigabyte M5 78L-M motherboard and inno3d 2gb ddr5 graphics carr. i want yo know is there any simple software which turns my pc viewing simply into anaglyph 3d i.e. every operation frm windows explorer to any application. my led is dell s2240 21.5 inch. please help me guys.
  2. Pratik Pawar

    Complex problems in Cabinet..

    during the 1st week of jan, my moserbaer dvd drive got malfunctioned, I bought a new LG dvd drive.. GH24NS70..I installed it on my pc 2 weeks later, during which I updated my motherboard BIOS (awardBIOS) frm ver F8b (march 2008) to F10d (feb 2009). It used 2 read cd's and dvd's fine, I could...
  3. S

    how to play video codec hxc1 format videos on nokia 5800 xpress music .????

    if any one has got any idea abt some player which can play such videos ...... Also the videos i download frm youtube in hd those are also played partially .......plz help .......
  4. somulesnar

    Help needed in building my gaming rig.

    Building a new gaming rig for my younger bro and my current dilemma is the GPU. I recently am doing a AMD/ATI Build. I was kind of planning on doing a Intel/NVIDIA (i7). My question though is there is big advantage of going with Nvidia or ATI? I am not speaking of any specific card, just the...
  5. reddick

    Lappy frm Abroad - Warranty Issues

    My uncle has send me a new 'ACER Aspire 5336-2634 series' frm US. I wana knw how can I gt it's warranty benefits here as he didn't send me any bill or any document regarding it :/ But whn I try to register d product on Acer's website,it shows tht d product has been already registered. It may b...
  6. reddick

    Basic Mobile for Net Purpose.

    I've a 'Dell Inspario 15' lappy n Docomo conn. having net activated on it. I want a decent phone just 4 net purpose. It may b frm any gud brand but prefered ones r frm - SE,Nokia n Samsung. It shud av gud battery lyf n shud b compatiable vid lappy. My budget is upto 2K to 2.5k , Bt can b...
  7. S

    dataone wifi modem!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone, i m having the teracom wifi modem provide by bsnl, i configured my wifi setting with direct key but smtime my modem setting changes automatically frm direct to pass phases keys after power off. do u hv anysolution for that?
  8. Power_user_EX

    MSI Vs Gigabyte | Same chipset diff DDR3 Speed support| suggest a Gigabyt mobo - AMD

    Hi , I am planning for a mobo(AMD) based on 785G/SB710 or 880G/SB710 chipset frm gigabyte or MSI. My questions : 1) Is MSI as good as gigabyte ? 2) Motherboard frm both having same chipsets supports different max ddr3 speeds - why ? 3) Since mem controller is integrated with CPU which does the...
  9. M

    help me buy earphones for my nano under 1000 rs.

    i just got ipod nano 5th gen nd m thinking of improving my musical experience so i need sum gud earphones(not headphones).... i listen to all kinda music frm kesha, lady gaga to avenged sevenfold, disturbed.... pls help me out guyz..
  10. B

    wanna buy a good computer for gaming in in Rs 40,000(Mumbai,India)

    This budget is only for the hardware (including moniter). Pls suggest shops to buy it frm on Lamington road and also pls give the config i should go for... Thank You.
  11. S

    intall frm recovery discs...

    hi everyone, i hv vista recovery dvds n i want to install my os frm these dvdd. i also hv a recovery patition on my hdd. now i want re-partition my drive can i remove this partition or not. can i create partition frm this rec. disc...plz tell me.. i m planning to install xp n vista to tell...
  12. N

    FS: HDD, PSU & others

    hello, WD 160 GB HDD SATA Model WD1600AAJS Warrty remng up to 25-7-2012 pls find the attached pics of it.... brand new (seal pack) just recvd frm company in replacement reason fr sale bought new HDD exptd sale price...Rs1100 (Ex-Price) SOLD PowerSafe 400W SMPS Model VIP400WATXP4 warty...
  13. reddick

    Music Phone upto 10K

    My main object is for Music only Surfing net and Camera r secondary requirements. I have eyes on 'Nokia 5630 XpressMusic' but have not yet released. Is there other phone may be frm 'Sony Ericsson' which can replace it? No other brand please... Thanks a lot.
  14. sid_sh85

    LG LCD Query

    Hi guys....if u remember i had zeroed in on the samsung 2233sw after a lot of help frm u 2 of my dealers in mumbai frm whom i regulary purchase stuff dnt hav it in stock n said mite take 3-4 days more 2 get....meanwhile i saw the lg w2224ws or 2224ws( dnt remember exactly)
  15. Arnab boss

    Help me with my psu...'

    Guys my friend has rig with following hardwares....' Asus m3a 78 t.. Amd 5600 + 2*2 gb zion ram 800mhz 500 gb hdd 2 opt drives lg & asus light scribe.. Gpu xfx 9600 gt... Case cm 690...' He has a psu of zebronics 600 w platinum series which he bought 2 month ago...,now today in...
  16. S

    GRAPHIC CARD!!!!!!

    HI readers!!!!!!!! Ds is SEDHU frm coimbatore... i like to buy a dedicated graphic card around 8K frm NVIDIA! MY SYSTEM CONFIG: PROCESSOR : INTEL CORE 2 QUAD 2.4Ghz(Q6600) MOTHERBOARD : INTEL DG33FB RAM : TRANSCEND 4GB (2X2) MONITOR : SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 798MB+ nd...
  17. Orionz

    Suggest Phone Under 8K!!!!!

    Hi guys i am goin to make a deal with new budget is 8K. plz suggest me good phone frm Sony Ericsson OR Nokia...... My Needs 1 - 3G(Must) 2 - Good Music Player(By Headphones.....i dont want to carry my mp3 player anymore) 3 - Camera(Not Really Matter) Howz SE...
  18. A


    :smile: wel m doing integrated BSc with multimedia and Animation( Tv and Movies). And ma goal is to be a professional animator. I already have done a lot of research right frm ma class 8th as i like to read computer magazines.Its a three year animation course frm picasso animation college. Wel...
  19. medicofarhan

    how to convert text books into soft copy?

    I have few books which i want to convert into soft copy such that i able to copy text frm it and use it in my thesis(word format file). If i scan the book it gets saved in image format and as far as i know i cant copy the text frm it. only option left for me is to type watever matter i want...
  20. N

    MCSE, CCNA cert.......

    I want to earn the microsoft & cisco certiifcates without leaving my home. is their any online way to earn it directly frm my room???? reply soon
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