1. R

    Sound frm UPS

    lately ive been having this sound frm my UPS which is NUMERIC Digital 600PLUS .not exactly hissing sound but something like those insects which whistle in the streets at night :???:. not so loud but im concerned.. there is prob with performance though.. any idea whats wrong? tq
  2. N

    Urgent : Trojan virus problem:

    Im using a winows sp2 & a virus(expected trojan) has infected system 32 & other software files containg its self made .exe files..... which are present upto now even after complete harddisk format. tell me wat i have to do to recover frm this & is their any tweak tat work through registry to...
  3. S

    help me abt a home pc

    hello friends, i wanna buy a pc for home use,, i mainly watch movies and surf net. Mah budget is around 20000 (fixed) i dont need speaker , mouse , keyboard or ups, ,, would use these frm my old pc, can u suggest a good configuration .. thanks in adnvance :)
  4. iinfi

    how to set a default browser

    i m using RHEL5 and when i install the OS it comes with Firefox 1.5 now while installing firefox 3 i download the tar frm mozilla website and run the file it opens firefox and asks me to set it as default browser. once i do it as a root user i dont face any issues. now whn i...
  5. S

    startup problem with vista

    hi everyone i m using vista n in last week i hv installed a engineering software named caesar 2 on my laptop but unfortunatly it wont work... so i removed it frm controll panel and delete all files frm program files folder. n now every time i on my laptop a setup file run which says...
  6. TheLetterD

    4670 vs. 9500gt

    which 2 buy?4670 is more pwrfull i know but accesorries???????????? which is the cheapest 9600gt/gso frm zotac/palit/xfx
  7. T

    call spoofing

    hi friends ,, i m facing a new problem. One of friends says that i m giving them miss calls but i m doing at all coz i have no balance but they are saying that they are continously rcvng miss calll frm my num can any one explain ths to me and how do i overcome it
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    How Can I Know Last Accessed Time Of My PC

    hey..........frndz is thr any way i mean any command or sumthn lyk that to know when my pc last turned on n the duration.......?????? or sumthing frm which i can know the last accessed tym of my pc????? thnx in adv.......plz help.........its urgent....!!!!
  9. blademast3r

    HOW do i upgrade to ubuntu 64 frm 32

    hey guys i hav ubuntu 7 32 bit installed in one partition and vista in i hav a dvd of 64bit ubuntu 8.. if i install it frm the cd will my multi boot arrangement get messed up?? how do i upgrade? help needed urgently
  10. krishnandu.sarkar

    Data Recovery Query........plz Answer

    Hiiiiii........I downloaded DATA RECOVERY image file frm VISHAL GUPTA's site ASKVG.COM n burn the file in to a CD but the problem is whenever I try to boot frm that CD it shows "No Linux Kernel". I use WINDOWS XP SP3 Do i need LINUX to use run that or those type of DATA RECOVRY DISC?? Plz answer
  11. S

    LAN icon is ON ALWAYS

    hi i m having this problem i mean my lan icon which is in tray is always ON it seems its sending and reciveing data always i know its bug but cant fix it plz help me out frm this i use XP with quick heal but still cant able to trace it
  12. M

    best anti virus software

    i am using avast antivirus 4.8 home edition . i am not having net connection in my home so i cant update avast regularly , i am always getting error msg for updating, it annoys me so tell any antivirus software that easily update virus definitions frm net like avg we can download defintions frm...
  13. Patriot

    how to format the c drive completely??

    guys, i just want to know how to format my c drive completely without using the winxp cd, when i had the fat32 file system b4 i use to boot frm win98 cd and format. This type of format completely removes all the files etc frm HDD. but now as i have NTFS file sys now i cant boot frm win98 cd, i...
  14. P

    Problem related with Tally 54 !! Please Help....

    hello frnds, i have Tally 54 installed on my pc... ,maintaining 4 companies on it .... for each company it creates folders 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004 on loc c:/tally54/data/0001... but frm last 2 days my tally is not opening it gives me error for file c:/tally/data/00001/Tr01291.500 & my tally...
  15. M

    suggest mobile under 4k.

    hey ppl,my dad wants to sell his se k700i for a nu handset.pls sugest gud 1 frm se or nokia dad needs sturdy and easy ui phone. Thanx.
  16. VarDOS


    HOw to install ISO Game Files Frm PC to PSP ?
  17. b.paarthasarathy

    google has some problems 2day morning.....

    Today morning as usual i went for browsing the social networking website (orkut) .... and i am getting the error like this what can i do???? is this an error frm google or is there any error with my browser .... i am using firefox 3 ....
  18. Manshahia

    Sending pics frm n73 to yahoomail. .

    How to?
  19. iinfi

    how to install GCC in linux(FC8)

    i need to install gcc in fedora core 8 where do i get it frm? where to download it frm?? i dont get anything rite whn it comes to linux ... damn
  20. M

    manhunt 2

    frm whre can i hv manhunt 2??? its nt available newhre,,!
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